Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wild Stories of Sydney

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 'North shore money drops, bikie link': Savas Guven charged in laundering ring - Stuart Littlemore 

'Drug ring's $150k cash drop' at Australian Tax Office

By Michael Evans ... Not related to John

Erhan Kurtulmus was standing outside the Sydney office tower that's home to the Australian Taxation Office, continually looking down at his phone, waiting.

Stuffed into his black backpack was $150,000 in cash.
The then 26-year-old from Erskine Park had arranged to meet his contact - a senior compliance officer at the ATO. Waiting outside, he called to tell him he was "out the front". 
What happened next is just one example in a series of allegations contained in court documents, detailing how police allege organised crime launders drug money around Sydney. Among them, cash drops at clandestine meetings in the McDonald's Cremorne car park, in the back of a taxi, and in full view on suburban Sydney streets using shopping bags, plastic work buckets and plain brown cardboard boxes.
Also detailed is how Australia's big banks including the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and St George are allegedly exploited to launder money.
He approached and greeted Kurtulmus.
But rather than heading to an out-of-the-way location, police alleged that the ATO employee, dubbed MS03 by police, had arranged for the meeting to be held, incredibly, at "my place" - in the inner sanctum of the ATO.
"I'll book a room in the office," he had messaged Kurtulmus the day before.
As the pair headed towards elevators that would take them up to the ATO offices, officers swooped.
In Kurtulmus' backpack there were three bundles of $100 notes each totalling $50,000. He had an encrypted BlackBerry device and a Telstra mobile.
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