Saturday, October 07, 2017

Fire and Ice with Broad Shoulders

“We can remember minutely and precisely only the things which never really happened to us.” Eric Hoffer, “Thoughts of Eric Hoffer,” The New York Times Magazine (April 25, 1971) .. Thoughts 

Sea creatures fled the Japanese tsunami on plastic rafts and travelled all the way to US shores Quartz

Map of all known space debris [3543×2308] Reddit

Paul Stankard, Field Flowers Cluster with Honeycomb and Swarming

Plus: “Sexual satisfaction was related to how physically attracted women were to their partner and the breadth of his shoulders.”

INSIDE THE CLINIC OFFERING YOUNG BLOOD TO CURE AGING. “I am led to a booth where I find him drinking a glass of wine, wearing the blazer-and-T-shirt uniform common among venture capitalists. His youthful looks have an enhanced, slightly uncanny cast, but I am still shocked when he tells me he is 65.”

“There are some people… who drive everywhere and admire nothing.”

The Art of Living with Wide-Open Consciousness: Alice James on Attentiveness as the Pulse-Beat of Art
To be an artist, in the most expansive sense, is to live with uncommon wakefulness to the world, both interior and exterior, unafraid to be moved by a universe observed with benevolent and unrelenting curiosity, then to give shape to those observations in a way that helps other people live. “Go into yourself,” Rilke counseled in his advice on being an artist,“and test the deeps in which your life takes rise; at its source you will find the answer to the question whether you must create.”

Where is the world’s largest hoard of looted antiquities? Syria? Iraq? Nope, London. Association for Research into Crimes Against Art

Via LLRX – Picturing the Law – While Lyonette Louis-Jacques was conducting research on the subject of illustrated law books, she identified the extensive work of her colleague, Michael Widener – Yale Lillian Goldman Law Library. Mike has shared his research in a number of presentations and lectures that Lyo identifies for us, in addition to sharing her considerable insights and own work on this subject. The confluence of their respective work provides us with a “sense of wonder and play, things that can be in short supply in today’s world.”

Equifax says millions more customers affected in cyberattack than previously reported MarketWatch
Oversight of the Equifax Data Breach: Answers for Consumers  House Energy and Commerce Committee
What Were You Thinking? Equifax GC Probed For Executive Stock Sales Before Public Learned Of Breach Above the Law
A series of delays and major errors led to massive Equifax breach Ars Technica

Politico: “…The Justice Department has released a series of recently overruled legal memos concluding that presidents cannot appoint their relatives to the White House staff or presidential commissions, even to unpaid posts. In January, a career Justice Department official essentially declared the earlier opinions erroneous or obsolete, clearing the way for President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to take a senior adviser position in the White House. First daughter Ivanka Trump later took a similar official but unpaid slot under the same legal rationale. The newly disclosed opinions, issued to the administrations of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and obtained by POLITICO Monday through a Freedom of Information Act request, detail how Justice Department lawyers concluded for decades that such appointments of family members were illegal under an anti-nepotism law passed in 1967…”