Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Secret Story of T E R K S: How secure is biometric identification?

How secure is biometric identification?

Malcolm Turnbull flags new terror laws

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says a proposed new database which will combine biometric data from drivers' licences and passports will enable police to identify terror suspects in real time

Queensland cops swoop over alleged myTax fraud

Man charged with more than 100 fraud and identity charges

Melbourne offices of alleged tax-evasion mastermind raided by ATO

  • Philip Whiteman using a new company called ZZZ Accounting to advise clients

Investigators from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) have raided the Melbourne offices of an alleged mastermind of a massive tax evasion scheme following a tip off ...

Data Driven Journalism: “Among the cool collaborative journalism projects of the last couple years: the Panama Papers, Electionland. The Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University’s School of Communication and Media has spent a bunch of time studying the rise of cooperation among news entities, and on Friday published a report outlining what it’s found as collaborative journalism has “evolved from experiment to common practice.” The report, written by research director Sarah Stonbely, identifies six models for collaborative journalism, and catalogs 44 ongoing collaborations across 500-plus newsrooms, mostly in the U.S. but increasingly in Europe as well. One definition of the practice: It “always seeks to produce content that is greater than what any individual journalist, newsroom, or organization could produce on its own.”

Mining companies' links with politicians 'susceptible to corruption

Loneliness and the Digital Workplace   

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on why feeling connected to our colleagues matters, and how technology can strengthen our bonds.
I’m typing this in a nearly silent coworking space. All of us here at HBR are intently focused on our computer screens. The tap-tap of our fingers on keyboards, occasional rustle of paper, and clink of a coffee mug landing on a desk are the sounds of work. Look into our screens, though, and you often see a noisy, sometimes raucous place. We’re commenting on news stories, checking on projects, sharing photos of kids and cats, and flagging work problems. Looking around my office, I’m considering how connected I really am with my colleagues. Is this kind of interaction enough? Are we actually feeling isolated or lonely, staring at our screens?

Wealth Inequality Is Higher Than Ever Jacobin

The Lasting Legacy of the Panama Papers NPR

Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017. OECD, 28 Sep 2017.
“The publication is produced by the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme based on official statistics. The 2017 edition features a new trends chapter, which also introduces recent developments related to the emergence of the “gig economy” and the use of digital tools by micro-enterprises.”

From her dad’s killing during the crack epidemic to a Supreme Court clerkship WaPo

Why Swedish troops just finished their biggest war games in 23 years The Economist

Bachelor 'love rat' reveals whether he will join spin-off


Tax Havens Eye a New Sideline: Initial Coin Offerings The Bitcoin Pub See also: ICOs seek refuge in renowned tax havens: From Gibraltar to Isle of Man Crypto Insider, and for comment on cryptocurrencies, listen to our September 2017 podcast       

The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing today on International Tax Reform:

    TIGTA’s review of the almost 4.5 million tax returns prepared by grantees during Grant Years 2014 through 2016 identified that: 1) volunteers prepared 201,572 (4 percent) returns with an Adjusted Gross Income amount that exceeded the income threshold set for free tax return preparation, including 34,371 returns with an Adjusted Gross Income greater than $100,000 and 11 returns with an Adjusted Gross Income exceeding $1 million; 2) the IRS could not verify if 456,220 (10 percent) tax returns with complex tax schedules were prepared by volunteers with advanced certifications; and 3) 15,402 returns were out of scope. Finally, some guidelines and procedures were not current or consistent.
    Allison Christians (McGill), Buying in: Residence and Citizenship by Investment, 61 St. Louis U. L.J. ___ (2017):
    How power dynamics shape our behaviour.
    Power can be intoxicating or sit heavily on one’s shoulders. But it is without doubt a significant force in society, at work, and in governments. (Kellogg Insight)