Monday, October 16, 2017

Global Reviews: War and Peace together with Free Speech

University Free Speech Is Being Tested On US Campuses. It Should Be

"The current campus disruptions over what is and isn’t acceptable speech cannot be judged a blessing in disguise—they are far too illiberal and misguided for that. But by interfering with business as usual, perhaps they will also make it harder for the purported leaders of U.S. higher education to speak in lofty clichés while selling their birthright to deep-pocketed authoritarian sponsors." … [Read More]

Rex Tillerson at the breaking point – Dexter Filkins (New Yorker)
Donald Trump is unravelling say White House advisers – Gabriel Sherman (Vanity Fair)

JULIAN CRIBB. Our Parliament: an unqualified failure for the future

Australian politicians have next to no qualifications or skills when it comes to deciding the focal issues of our time. No wonder the decision making of recent years has been so poor. Julian Cribb argues that a continued political bias against science, technology and education risks placing Australia among the also-rans of the 21st Century. Continue reading