Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Freeeedom by Jasmine Hair: Scultpture by the Sea Bronte to Bondi

Trying to imagine what it must have been like to be a sole survivor who have to work hard to fight their demons ...

In a world of Netflix, Twitter and YouTube, writers owe more gratitude to their readers than ever before. To paraphrase what some airlines say upon landing, I know that you have a choice in what to read. Thanks again to all those who have chosen to open leaves of Cold Iron Curtain Riverand thoughtfully engaged with its contents.

The image of Jervis Bay turtle above: Jasmine Hair  and her visual representation of freedom and the sentiments inside the Cold River

The picture tells Thousands of Stories 


Fleeing Abroad - Ústav pamäti národa
The communist regime closed its citizens into the borders fortified by the barbed wire and it forbade them freedom of travelling. Escapes connected with illegal border crossing often represented the only option of how to avoid persecution in this country - in other words – how to live in a free world. The regime tried to prevent fleeing abroad also at the cost of killing its own citizens by shooting of soldiers of the Border Guard (PS), by the electric barricades, landmines, or by specially trained Border Guard dogs.  At the whole Czechoslovak part of the “iron curtain”, there were during the communist era killed up to 500 people of different nationalities.