Saturday, October 14, 2017

Binging TV series time

Suburra / Rome in 2008. Church, State and organised crime go at it.

Dr Foster / A brilliant BBC One series. Season one was made in 2015, season two debuted last month.

/ If you missed Idris Elba’s gripping performance, binge on the entire three season package. Brilliantly written by Neil Cross, now resident in the World’s Best place to live in – Wellington, New Zealand. And watch out for Neil’s latest – Hard Sun – in production with FremantleMedia right now. Will be epic.

Safe House / An ITV series about a couple turning their remote guest house into a safe house. Shot in The Lakes, close to my Grasmere home.

And new series of Madame Secretary, The Blacklist, Narcos, Blindspot and Series 6 of Homeland

Eli Broad, The Medici Of Los Angeles, Is Retiring From His Philanthropy…

"I am retiring. Now. Right now. I am just tired," said the 84-year-old billionaire, who has done more than any other single person to shape L.A.'s current cultural scene. Even so, report Adam Nagourney and Adam Popescu, "the practical ramifications of Mr. Broad’s decision may be limited; the announcement in many ways marks the end of what has been a slow-motion fade." … [Read More]