Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bronte Capitol on Apple

The Australian has made three important appointments to boost our political and higher education coverage, as well as investigations.

Andrew Clennell will join the masthead as NSW political editor. Clennell has worked in the NSW press gallery since 2005 for Fairfax and The Daily Telegraph, where he has been state political editor since 2010.

Clennell began on The Sydney Morning Herald in 1997 and worked in the Canberra press gallery from 2000-02. From 2002 until 2004 he worked in London for British papers including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian. He is a three-time Kennedy Award winner for most outstanding political reporting.

Brad Norington will shift his focus from state politics to investigations in a newly created role as associate editor in charge of investigations. Norington was previously The Australian's Washington correspondent.

Tim Dodd has been appointed higher education editor of The Australian. One of Australia's most experienced journalists, Dodd at present is education editor at the Australian Financial Review. He has reported on federal politics, economics and tax and was The AFR's Southeast Asia correspondent, based in Jakarta, for four years. From 2005-12 he worked for IDP Education.

Unleashing creativity in teams

The sometimes eccentric views of John Hempton

The keyboard on my new (current model) MacBook Pro is sticking. So I take it to the Genius Bar.

It was two hours for an appointment - and that was fine - so they texted me and I came back in two hours. So I came back in five minutes.

The staff member cleaned most the keys but broke one off. Ugh.

So they want me to check the machine in so they can replace the top-plate to which the keyboard is irrevocably stuck. Fair, unpleasant.

But now they want it for three to five days AFTER the top plate has come into the shop. They won't accept me dropping it in the morning they are fixing it. Instead it needs to wait in queue whilst they let the time elapse. (I can and do use the machine with a remote keyboard.)

I never thought I would say this - but this was the sort of behaviour exhibited by Dell before Dell blew up. Intransigent, arrogant, and actually not caring about the needs of customers.

I am genuinely surprised. I thought this company charged premium prices and gave premium products and premium service.

At least on the service I was wrong.


PS. Apple Bondi Junction. Customer service officer Morin.

PPS. Many have pointed out consistent problems with this keyboard. Try this...

I am getting close to just asking for a refund of the machine (faulty design) and going back to a Dell.
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