Thursday, July 06, 2017

Taxing Times: Why are the Big Four so heavily over-represented in tax havens?

Why are the Big Four so heavily over-represented in tax havens?

The work that Saila Stausholm and I have undertaken on the Big Four firms of accountants and auditors has sought to establish a number of things about them given the opacity hat surrounds their operations. One of these things was precisely where they are. You would think this should have been straightforward, but it was not. The firms seem to find it quite hard to publish accurate lists of where they are located, although PWC got pretty close. Having established what we thought were correct lists we located these firms on a world map. As is clear, the overwhelming majority of countries in the world have at least three out of the four firms present, and all four are present in most countries.

Why are the Big Four so heavily over-represented in tax havens? 

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