Sunday, July 09, 2017

Rusticish Sunday's Interior Perusing @ Punjab Havel Venue

"To build is a sacred act, an action that transforms a condition of nature into a condition of culture," - Mario Botta

Noosarish Long weekend means a lot of time to catch up on magazines And brilliant Rich Bohemian Blogs ...

Escapism via internet. This is a new little tea bar that opened up  this summer in the Marais in Paris. Just looking at it gives me that excited feeling of being a traveler in the springtime, when it's warm in the sun but still cool in the shade,  looking chic and being incredibly excited to be alive, and having a lovely day shopping and strolling in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris, or Florence, or Soho or LA or anywhere, you're alone or with your favorite person to be with, and then you stumble into the most adorable little place in the late afternoon for a refreshment by accident, …[Read more...]

Daimon Downey is most notably known for his time with award winning band- Sneaky Sound System (Austrialian dance music group). But before he got involved in the music industry, he was interested in studying art Daimon Downey at Bondi 

This is the most sex on a bagle stick bakehouse  in  the world
Last fall, the “hottest new restaurant opening” in Manhattan was Sadelle’s – a bagel, appetizing and Jewish Bakery restaurant in Soho opened by bagel whisperer Melissa Weller. Remember the old i tre merli? It’s in that space on West Broadway. Suffice to say, this is the chicest bagel shop ever, and that it’s freaking awesome, and the food is awesome. And trust me, I usually think of bagels as the best way to pack on pounds (condensed bread!), not something remotely trendy. Time to loosen our belts for winter, because food bloggers are calling this “The year of the Bagel.” 


If you haven’t read T Magazine‘s interview with Lee Radziwill yet, I highly recommend it. For those who don’t know – Lee Radziwill is the younger sister of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Lee and Jacqueline were born into a life of luxury, summering in the Hamptons and hobnobbing with the American upper class. Soon Lee was married a Polish prince, making her a European Princess.  Her sister was first lady of the United States, and they both fascinated the  American public 

 Lee Radziwill
Lee Radziwill and Andy Warhol (Andrej Warhola) - 
  (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

In Paris, literally every store is a “concept store” meaning they don’t just sell you clothes, or food, or art. They sell you all of that, because they are selling you, essentially, yourself or who you want to be, or who you think you are. They are projecting at you the lifestyle you wish to attain, in a multifaceted way, and as such you as a consumer are powerless to resist! It worked on me, every freakin time. 
Books, dishes, the works, placemats, toys… everything in one place, curated just to my taste. Genius really. I wonder why there aren’t more of these concept/general stores outside Europe ...Merci the ultimate general store