Friday, July 28, 2017

Last Weekend of Christmas in July River in Hades

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. 
~ Tatranka Folkloring Song 

The medicine man Black Elk said that everything is part of a circle. We also should look to the larger circle, or the web of life, the net of jewels. Creativity is about making connections. 

I like your poetry. I see a lot
on my rounds and you’re okay. You may
not be the greatest thing on earth, but
you’re different.

Everyone is creative in some form or another. Creativity calls upon the labyrinthine mysteries of our self, the exploration of imagination and surroundings, in order to bring something forthvisual, musical or literary symbols. “To be a person is to have a story to tell.... Within each of us there is a tribe with a complete cycle of legends and dances, songs to be sung,” Sam Keen writes in Your Mythic Journey.

Oskar Milosz was a respected writer who, after a near-death experience, was transformed from decadent flâneur to full-blown mystic and mentor to his distant cousin, Czeslaw Polish Philosophy  

Health Benefits of Laughter

“Standup comedians have a special way of describing success; they want to kill but they  don’t want to die.”  

Humour may not cure anything but it makes the unbearable a little more bearable Prepare to die laughing

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LLRX – Google News’s new look sucks. Please let us revert if we want.Google recently redesigned and relaunched Google News. For ‘power users’, the site’s new design and navigation has not been a welcome change as David Rothman directly articulates in his article

If you’re one of the millions of Australians that have had to interact with Centrelink you’ll almost certainly agree with the suggestion that the agency isn’t exactly known for its excellent customer service. 
Student centrelink social media

The China-India clash that could lead to nuclear war - The Sydney Morning Herald

The threat came a few days after a Spanish company working for Vietnam confirmed the discovery of a major natural gas field.
RELATED: The 2014 drilling clash between the Communist neighbors. As the column says, when it’s one on one, Vietnam has the weaker hand.
PHOTO: China’s Maritime Security Agency (coast guard) has muscle. This is an off-shore patrol vessel.

Uncertainty Quote 7 Picture Quote #1
America’s hidden philosophy Aeon 


Getting agencies and stakeholders to connect has never been more important. Nor has staying on top of governance to foster trust


It pays to make security culture practical and inclusive. If users are flouting the rules, look at what can be changed to make their jobs easier.

Meet the man who’s got all the news on conservative news

 Prague, Czech Republic. 06th Jan, 2016. Winter swimmers take part in the traditional Three Kings swim in the Vltava - Stock Image