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G20: Gartner Identifies the Top Technologies for Security in 2017

And you try telling young people today that, and they won't believe you
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Our problem isn't �fake news.' Our problems are trust and manipulation.
"Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government." �?Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928) 

Breaking news: Australian Richie Porte’s Tour de France dreams have been shattered, following one of the worst crashes in the race’s history. A scathing take-down of Donald Trump by ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann is going viral...

How (Not) to Kill Kim Jong Un Foreign Policy

Trump Goes To Europe, Trashes U.S. Intelligence Agencies HuffPo

Chris Uhlmann, the political editor of the government-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, described Trump as “isolated and friendless” at the G20 leaders’ summit, and said his disastrous foreign policy had “pressed fast-forward on the decline of the United States”.

Special forces veteran breaks silence on incidious culture

Ronald Reagan once famously quipped that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help’. 

G20: Ivanka Trump sits in for Donald Trump at table of world leaders

At the heart of HMRC’s counter-evasion efforts lies a powerful computer program called “Connect”. Launched in the summer of 2010, it sifts vast quantities of information — more even than the data stored in the British Library — in its hunt for underpaid tax.

It ploughs through disparate, previously unrelated information to detect otherwise invisible networks of relationships. It automates analysis that would once have taken months, if it could have been done at all.
Ten ways Tax officers can tell if you're a tax cheat  

Gartner Identifies the Top Technologies for Security in 2017

The 9 things that separate merely successful startups from ones

While there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer, a body of best practices has emerged through the experiences of many intranet teams who have successfully launched their own social intranet.

Cyber security discussion has shifted from the server room, to the board room
CEDA, June 2017. The cyber security discussion has moved from the server room to the board room, from delivery to resilience, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, Alastair MacGibbon has told a CEDA audience in Sydney.
Speaking at the Organisational risk in an era of cyber threats event, Mr MacGibbon said there were three clear events which had helped shift the discussion.  “The first happened in August last year which was the failure of our census,” he said. When you look back at it, it was actually quite a minor matter…in the sense that it was a series of very minor denial of service attacks and it was the Australian Bureau of Statistics choosing to take that site offline.  “But if you have a look at the reaction both politically and publicly to those events, it was quite a significant turning point for government.

   The Undeniable Pattern Of Russian Hacking Moon of Alabama

Russians Are Said to Be Suspects in Nuclear Site HackingsBloomberg. Sourcing: “current and former U.S. officials.” See above.
Under Trump, U.S.-Russian Relations Hit New Low Foreign Policy. The deck is rich: “Amid a new ‘Red Scare,’ officials fear any contact with Moscow.” Mission accomplished!

Realizing the Potential of Blockchain: A Multistakeholder Approach to the Stewardship of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
World Economic Forum, 30/6/17. Blockchain's ability to generate unprecedented opportunities to create and trade value in society will lead to a generational shift in the Internet's evolution, from an Internet of Information to a new generation Internet of Value. The key to enabling this transition is the formation of a multistakeholder consensus around how the technology functions, its current and potential applications and how to create the regulatory, cultural and organizational conditions for it to succeed.
And somehow it ends up on the Internet.” Agency, trust and risks in photo-sharing among friends and romantic partners by Rebecca Venema, Katharina Lobinger, First Monday, Volume 22, Number 7 – 3 July 2017.

Australian Farm Institute, April 2016. The research reported here involved a detailed analysis of global developments in digital agriculture, and consideration of what will be needed in Australia to ensure that the undoubted benefits that are available will be quickly realised

The Internal Revenue Service is the agency of the federal government that most people love to hate. As a result, it has been used as a political punching bag on and off for almost as long as it has been in existence. The most recent trend in politicians demonstrating their contempt for the national tax collector — other than trying to get its commissioner impeached — is to starve the agency of funding.

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