Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trumpier Scaeamuchi: Sydney of Terror ...

Lack of Hope in America: The High Costs of Being Poor in a Rich Land

Tying the loss of economic mobility to the loss of hope and personal despair...

Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump's latest hiring, has US reeling

In five torrid days, the US president alienated conservatives by savaging his own attorney general; earned a rebuke from the Pentagon over a rushed ban on transgender troops; watched impotently as the Senate dealt a crushing blow to his legislative agenda with the fall of healthcare reform; ousted Priebus; and threw a human grenade – the new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci – into his already dysfunctional White House.

Terrorists' cross-border movements targeted

Screening at all major Australian airports has been ramped up overnight and air travellers have been warned to expect delays following the discovery of a terrorist plot to bring down an aeroplane with a bomb.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who said "the threat of terrorism is very real", warned that airport security has been "enhanced and intensified" in light of the operation overnight.

Sydney terror raids 'disrupted' plot to bring down plane, Malcolm Turnbull says

Australia's China play wrong: US adviser

Former US Presidential advisor Dr Pippa Malmgren can't believe Australia sulks at home while our biggest trading partner builds a new world on our doorstep.

NSW ALP set to back Palestine despite 'furious' lobbying by Israeli government