Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Cold War Rivers

That Predicted Trump’s Rise Offers the Left a Roadmap for Defeating Him The Atlantic

Congressman introduces articles of impeachment against Donald Trump

THE trouble with bringing your children to work has just been made painfully clear to Donald Trump, especially when your office is now the White House.

The nepotism — transplanted from his business empire to the Oval Office — isn’t working, and in practice is doing more to damage President Trump than it is to protect him Trumps nepotism

In various city towers, bureaucrats are pondering to whom and when they should gift hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps even billions, by the stroke of a rezoning pen. Meanwhile, ex-bureaucrats in developers' offices are focused on how to become the main recipients of their former colleagues' gifts, trying to second-guess the public servants and subtly - or not-so-subtly - guide their decisions.
The prizes – and therefore the efforts – are greatest in our major cities. Just the most recent example: the NSW government considering rezoning the Canterbury Park Racecourse in anticipation of its eventual sale Sydney has no master plan to become bigger and better - this is a synopsis of pur next film after Cold River (Working Title Treasure Map for Colourful Characters)

Latest Cold War
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Read Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails About Russia Meeting Roll Call. I count five, so it doesn’t take long. Usual disclaimer: As Nina Illingworth writes: “The two core accusations behind Russiagate are: A) Trump is an intel asset; B) Russia rigged the election.”
Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot NY Post. Don Junior to Don Senior: “Hold my beer.”
Forgetting the ‘Dirty Dossier’ on Trump Robert Parry, Consortium News
Trump & The Smoking Yawn The American Conservative. “Who’s being naive, Kay?”

About five months after the inauguration of Barack Obama, the president gave a strange address in Cairo. The speech was apparently designed to win over the Muslim world and set Obama apart from the supposed Western chauvinism of the prior and much caricatured George W. Bush administration. Obama started off by framing past and present tensions between Muslims and the West largely in the context of explicit and implied Western culpability: past European colonialism, and the moral equivalence of the Cold War and disruptive Westernized globalization. . . .
Donald Trump’s speech in Poland was an implicit corrective to Barack Obama’s Cairo speech. Whereas Obama had blamed the West for many of Islam’s dilemmas, Trump praised the singular history and culture of the West. (His implicit assumptions might have been that “better than the alternative” was good enough, and American sins are those of humankind, but its remedies are uniquely Western.) Whereas Obama listed supposed cultural achievements of Islam (most of them of dubious historicity), Trump rattled off examples of Western exceptionalism, its unmatched culture, values, and concrete achievements, all of them persuasive.
The West is the most successful culture in history. The argument to the contrary is just more Gramscian Damage