Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lawless and Time Capsules

Obviously the biggest news this weekend is that Game of Thrones is back. [The Root

This bio seems like bad presidential public relations:
Kasowitz P.R. Guy Describes Himself As Mob Fixer In Official Bio 

Unanderra man Goran Nikolovksi -  Saso Ristevski - mysterious  deaths Underworld figure lured to death by trusted associate: police
'The mafia are invisible but almost everywhere in Germany'

 How Berlin's Lebanese mafia clans the spectacular theft of a giant Canadian gold coin - "the Big Maple Leaf" 

Bo  Dancing with Demons - Book extract: psychoanalysing Alphonse Gangitano

 AUSTRALIA’S first political assassination involved a hitman and the Mafia and ended with an innocent father of three young children dead.
It’s been 40 years since NSW politician Donald Mackay, 43, went missing from the car park of a hotel in Kooyoo Street, Griffith, on the evening of 15 July, 1977. But the case is far from closed with police this week renewing their appeal for information regarding the Mafia murder Australia's first political assassination: hitman, the Mafia 

 Sex, Drugs and the Mafia: Exclusive Photos of Life in the Lawless ...

Rozelle home renovation reveals 1995 letter to the future ...

Time  capsule found in Sydney, Australia, house full of extremely accurate predictions

Typed using Word for Windows V5.0 on a 486 laptop by a 39-year-old Greg Wilkinson, who was building his home in the hope it would be a time capsule and 'not re-opened for 50-80 years unless developers get hold of the street of homes and demolish the lot before then'.

The letter was uncovered by a group of tradesmen this month, 22 years after being sealed into the wall. 
Accompanied by the letter was a photo of Greg and and his new bride, Roslyn Green, on 
their wedding day.

"Legal Arguments in 'Monkey Selfie' Case Are Bananas at Hearing": At the "THR, Esq." blog of The Hollywood Reporter, Ashley Cullins has this post reporting on an oral argument that a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuitheard on Wednesday.You can view the video of the oral argument on YouTube at this link.
And in related news coverage, Camilla Turner of The Telegraph (UK) reports that "Photographer in bizarre selfie court battle reveals that being sued by a monkey has left him broke."