Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Chris Jordan First ATO Commissioner to Address National Press Club

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's Westpac National Press Club address. Death and taxes are the two things that most of us can't avoid in life. Certainly, some Australians and multinational companies do go to extreme lengths, it seems, in paying tax at least. 

When Chris Jordan became the Tax Commissioner four years ago, he made history becoming the first appointee from outside the Australian Tax Office to take the job and today, he is actually the first Tax Commissioner to address the National Press Club. He has bought a different perspective to the job and the Turnbull Government has liked it so much, they have recently extended Mr Jordan's tenure to 2024. You can follow today's conversation on Twitter. Tag your thoughts with hashtag NPC. I would like to acknowledge in the audience today the Treasury secretary John Fraser. Please welcome Chris Jordan to for the first address to the National Press Club by an Australian taxation Commissioner.(APPLAUSE)  

"I do not want to compare the ATO’s performance with other tax authorities or government agencies. I want to compare the ATO with the best of any large organisation interacting with a large and diverse client base anywhere in the world; and for people to think that whilst they didn’t want to deal with us, their interactions were as good as they could ever expect."    

Tax chief to address National Press Club

Chris Jordan AO - National Press Club of Australia

Q and A Galley Prrof Version Chris Jordan

Tax commissioner Chris Jordan says 'staggering' $165m Plutus scandal tarnished ATO reputation

ChrisJordan: bad press takes a long time to fade. No achievement is so impressive that it can't be overshadowed by a couple of negative stories, and improvements to tax administration don't generate much excitement at the best of times. The ATO boss spoke about getting on with the job amid the fallout from two recent fiascos

ATO launches investigation into tax time system failure

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On Conflicts, Certiorari and Marinello (7/1/17)

I posted a blog entry Tuesday on the Supreme Court’s grant of the petition for writ of certiorari in  United States v. Marinello, 839 F.3d 209, 218 (2d Cir. 2016).  See Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Marinello Involving Whether § 7212(a)'s Omnibus Clause Requires Knowledge of Pending Investigation (6/27/17), keep on reading ... 

Turnbull's anniversary party crashed by Abbott firing up the base

Shorten: Labor will reverse penalty rate cuts and hike taxes for the rich

Bill Shorten moves onto election footing, prepares for the Turnbull ...

But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten hit back, describing the prime ... cut that somehow "the crumbs from the rich man's table" will help everyone 

Bill Shorten has promised to reverse cuts to penalty rates and raise taxes for the highest-paid Australians within 100 days of being elected.

It was a great chance to set the record straight against claims in Murdoch press and Fairfax too that the credibility of – and our coverage of multinational tax avoidance – has been compromised.
Michael West Ridiculous

Managers to the Super-Rich Undermine Society and What We Can Do About It

 HMRC to Ramp up Criminal Enforcement with Unexplained Wealth

Insurance Is the Hot New Way to Avoid Taxes

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