Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dropping Out is a Cool Thing to do


South Coast cafe makes NSW's best fish and chips | courtesy of Illawarra Mercury
The New French Hacker-Artist Underground | WIRED

ABOUT-SMALLAfter Rosencrantz and Guildenstern humiliated Tom Stoppard, the play took off. Asked what it was really about, he said: "It is about to make me very rich like Jozef Imrich"... Yet as we all know, you are not rich until you had something that money cannot buy ...

Stone Temple: “Count on it: Google is going to optimize for the best combination of user experience/satisfaction (market share) and revenue on each of its platforms. What users expect on YouTube vs. Google Search is different. Stating that a bit more subtly, think of this as optimizing their ongoing revenue over time. With that in mind, we did what we always do at Stone Temple: We collected data on which videos rank in YouTube, and which ones rank in Google, and we analyzed it in detail.

News organizations are using Nextdoor to connect with readers block-by-block

Time your departure time wrong, and even the simplest of journeys can end up taking far longer than it was meant to. Hit traffic, and your journey time could be doubled — or worse. A new feature of Google Maps aims to eliminate this problem.  The nameless feature is rolling out to the Google Maps mobile app, and it lets you know how long your trip will take if you leave now, or in a few hours’ time. It’s a simple addition — and one that would benefit from a little more work and refinement — but it’s a valuable one for travelers

THIS IS INTERESTING: Oxygen therapy revives brain of toddler who nearly drowned.

In one of the first such confirmed cases, an Arkansas toddler who suffered severe brain injury after nearly drowning has had that brain damage reversed, using a new treatment.
The treatment is known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT. It exposes a patient to pure oxygen within the confines of a carefully controlled pressurized chamber. During the therapy, the body gets three times the normal amount of oxygen, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. . . .

It's a glittering melange of unbridled sexuality, twee Tomboyishness, and aloof sophistication, which sounds contradictory until you look around at the iconic women it's based on, (and the amount of revenue their identities have generated for countless brands.)
Think Brigitte Bardot. Jane Birkin on the arm of Serge Gainsbourg. Leslie Caron, but only in the 1960s. Jean Seberg in Breathless. It is only Catherine Deneuve who is allowed to transcend her youth.

 Alcohol dissolves the barrier between aspiration and judgment. Come morning, the barrier is rebuilt. You mourn for the feeling you had last night. Metaphysics of the hangover Vino of Life  

July 17, 2017 | A Chinese writer sets a novel during the Holocaust? A Jewish boy writes about a black man in 1810? It’s the result that matters, not the  creator  

The Cold War lasted until 1991, but Cold War philosophy is still with us. Consider the strange and enduring career of rational choice theory Cold War River 

| Artistic fashion comes and goes. What remains is the experience of culture — its beauty, its reach, its strangeness, its ability to transform an  ordinary life  

July 14, 2017 | Truman Capote's excesses would, in his final years, seal his fate as an outcast of the "in" crowd. Now that Capote the personality has faded, it's easier to assess Capote the artist... Etopac  

In 1967, Timothy Leary told Allen Ginsberg to drop out. "What can I drop out of?" Ginsberg asked. "Your teaching at Cal," Leary said. Ginsberg chuckled. "But I need the money"... What Makes Modern Man:  Money  

The history of modern cool media dragon is one of strange convergences — among French intellectuals, black musicians, and white Hollywood heroes... Dragons 

Leonardo and Michelangelo were driven and difficult, which is central to their modern appeal. The less mercurial Raphael is more admired than loved... The Italians  

Le Monde diplo v. Bernard-Henri Lévy. The monthly releases a "dossier" portraying him as a mafia-type oligarch. BHL responds 

The essay thrives on paradox: confession and concealment, disorder and progression, concision and profusion. The best essays are never about what they claim to be about Making a Difference 

How Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the supremely rational Sherlock Holmes, came to proselytize for spiritualism, participate in séances, and believe we can speak to the dead... Holmes  

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