Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blue Feeling: Poverty, Crime and Causality

Maroons crush Blues in game three to continue era of dominance ...

Giant Ghost as predicted at Bondi Iceberg performs antarctic break

Poverty, Crime and Causality

A Swedish study has some novel findings on the relationship between crime and poverty

Taking Tax To The Global Level: Combining Southern Initiatives To Create A World Basic Income  If you put 10 Tax gurus in the room you end up with 100 bipolar opinions on this topic ...

ANZ: Australia “place of choice” for property money laundering

How capitalism works differently in various countries including Australia

ACCORDING TO former CROWN EMPLOYEES, BECAUSE PASSPORTS ARE ISSUED IN HER NAME: Why the Queen doesn’t need to own a passport.

Arbitration as Wealth Transfer Yale Law & Policy Review

Putting Profits Ahead of Patients NYRB

Fraud, money laundering, insider trading the biggest ASX risks: AUSTRAC

Fraud, money laundering and insider trading have been fingered as the common criminal activities on the share market, according to the federal agency ...

Australians struggling to save, living from week to week between paydays

A THIRD of Australians live week to week, exhausting all their pay between paydays, a survey has found. And many are “living in the moment”, putting instant happiness and impulse buys ahead of sensible savings plans, according to UBank.

HR wanted to know in advance when low ranking employees  are going to have a panic attack...
Dragon-Slayers Corey Robin, LRB. On careerism, among other things

PictureLondon hedge fund workers to be given ‘champagne buttons’ for their desks Evening Standard. Beat that, Frankfurt!

Mikey was only working so many extra hours so he could take his beloved wife to Prague for their anniversary on July 3 British Widow whose husband died

Branson Aims Mid-2018 Space Trip as Virgin Resumes Powered Tests Bloomberg. Can we make them one-way? Please ...

For the second time in less than a year, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting India through a revolution in the way the country does business.

In the fall, the government imposed one of the most radical monetary experiments ever, abruptly banning most of the country’s currency notes in an effort to stem corruption.

Now, it is instituting the country’s biggest tax overhaul since independence. On Saturday, a nationwide sales tax replaces the current hodgepodge of business taxes that vary from state to state and are seen as an impediment to growth. It is expected to unify in a single market 1.3 billion people spread over 29 states and seven union territories in India’s $2 trillion economy.

Singularity Hub  Essentially what children need to be trained in but probably works for adults too. 

Researchers show how cancer spreads in mice Medical News Today - Original

John Menadue talks to John Faine about Rupert Murdoch, the great rent-seeker (Repost)

The interview with Jon Faine was reported in The Guardian on 29 June 2017.  News Corp is a ‘disgrace’ and should not get hands on Ten, former manager says.
Repost:  In an interview  on 22 June 2017 with Jon Faine of 774 ABC Melbourne Radio, John Menadue highlights how the Murdoch media attacks people like single mothers and dole ‘bludgers’ for wanting handouts from government, yet the Murdoch organisation depends heavily on  government handouts and political favours. Right now it is seeking 
government favours for Sky television in the UK and Channel 10 in Australia. This has always been the Murdoch way.  (See link to interview)
John Menadue describes how Murdoch has damaged the media and democracy in three continents. On the defining issues of recent decades – Iraq, climate change and Brexit – Murdoch has been badly astray. But  he will never admit the damage he has inflicted and continues to inflict. Fortunately his power is waning and none too soon.

Flight attendant breaks wine bottle over head of passenger lunging for exitAssociated Press. A rare occasion where the flight crew did the right thing by roughing the passenger up. 
Great Barrier Reef dead at 25 million The Sun (David L). Horrible. 

Australia Wants Chips in $100 Bills to Stop Crime, Hoarding by Elderly Bitsonline (furzy). So the pensioners will convert the cash into more volatile stores of wealth, like gold or diamonds.
A review of labor market conditions The FRED Blog, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
What Can We Learn From The Nordic Model? Social Europe (MT). MT writes: “A history lesson about possibilities. Sweden nowadays is a neoliberal taxpayer subsidized privatized heaven: education, healthcare, immigrant housing all sectors reaping obscene taxpayer money for crappified services.”

Michele Fontefrancesco, an economic anthropologist and honorary fellow of Durham University, says: “Jobs have been getting more precarious in Italy since the late-1990s. What is becoming more and more common in Italy and other Mediterranean countries is the erratic movement of workers from firm to firm.”
He adds: “It’s becoming harder and harder to access professions with social capital. You study for three or four years longer than your father and you earn less money than him.”
For Agnese Bellieni, a 31-year-old resident of Alessandria, in Italy’s north-west, years of education are failing to pay off, and the eurozone recovery feels intangible. After finishing her doctoral studies in literature her dream was to become a full-time teacher, but in recent years she has been bogged down in a series of continuous but part-time, precarious work assignments — from market research, to Latin and ancient Greek tutoring — that, at best, have earned her €1,500 a month.

That is by Claire Jones Italian or World average is over - in the FT, mostly about how the new eurozone jobs have lower wages and less job security.