Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Tax Fraud

Germany's Federal Crime Office says it has Panama Papers

Oxford University Press Blog:  My Advice to Mr. Bezos: Pay Some Tax, by Edward Zelinsky (Cardozo):
Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon, has asked on Twitter for advice about the use of his fortune for philanthropy.

Corporate tax non-compliance costing government $2.5bn
In the third part of our series, how the federal police tapped phones, hacked into computers and finally placed a bug that caught one of their own - deputy tax commissioner Michael Cranston.

Plutus ATO fraud Part 2: Sex, tax and Instagram

  The key to any successful fraud is not just to get your hands on the money, it's not leaving any fingerprints afterwards - so exactly when did "Mr Invisible", Adam Cranston, become involved in the Plutus Payroll scam allegations?
On paper, Adam had no connection before June last year with the companies that Tax Office court affidavits say were part of a $191 million fraud.
Plutus Payroll offered what appeared to be conventional payroll services, but in reality consultants' pay was transferred to tier two companies manned by straw directors and most of the tax payments were allegedly stolen.
Daniel Rostankovski, who managed the straw directors in the phoenix companies linked to Plutus, believed Adam was involved in the scam from the start, according to a May 16 Australian Federal Police affidavit.

Part 1 - Behind a $191m Gen Y crime wave

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ATO fraud scandal: just how big is the public service's nepotism ...