Saturday, October 08, 2022

Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut"

Weekend from hell forecast for NSW coast: Sydney severe weather warning

Champion powerlifter squat-lifts body weight 42 times in one minute.

There is no lack of formulas for how to open a story. But great short stories elude well-worn  schemes  »

Melbourne's Anthony Douglas crowned 2022 World Barista Champion

 Awesome Archives on Tumblr: “A celebration of archives, archival material, and the amazing history that they protect. Expect to see a lot of strange historical finds, unique materials, and archives in the news. I throw up 5 posts a day….

Sometimes I’m looking for something online – often “how to” articles – and I want to filter for – like – a website that was clearly built in 2010 at the latest, which may or may not have been updated since then, but contains a vast wealth of information on one topic, painstakingly organized by an unknown legend in the field with decades’ worth of experience. I don’t want a listicle with a nice stolen picture in a slideshow format written by a content aggregator that God forgot.

 I want hand-drawn diagrams by some genius professor who doesn’t understand SEO at all, but understands making stir-fries or raising stick insects better than anyone else on this earth. I don’t know what search settings to put into Google to get this…”

Open Culture: “We can learn much about how a historical period viewed the abilities of its children by studying its children’s literature.
 Occupying a space somewhere between the purely didactic and the nonsensical, most children’s books published in the past few hundred years have attempted to find a line between the two poles, seeking a balance between entertainment and instruction. However, that line seems to move closer to one pole or another depending on the prevailing cultural sentiments of the time. And the very fact that children’s books were hardly published at all before the early 18th century tells us a lot about when and how modern ideas of childhood as a separate category of existence began…by examining the children’s literature of the Victorian era, perhaps the most innovative and diverse period for children’s literature thus far by the standards of the time. 
And we can do so most thoroughly by surveying the thousands of mid- to late 19th century titles at the University of Florida’s Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature. Their digitized collection currently holds over 7,000 books free to read online from cover to cover, allowing you to get a sense of what adults in Britain and the U.S. wanted children to know and believe…”

And for the lucky few, lockdowns proved no barricades to love. Berejiklian teamed up with QC and Parramatta Eels fanatic Arthur Moses. Porter locked arms with Sydney criminal lawyer Karen Espiner. And sometimes Media Watch host Janine Perrett went steady with Australian Taxation Office Commissioner Chris Jordan.

Glenn Reynolds' day job is Professor of Law at The University of Tennessee.  But he's best known for, the influential and widely-read conservative and libertarian political blog. 

I agree with Glenn when he says the revolving door "is a corrupting influence on both government and industry."   There's plenty of reason for anger on the left and right when top government officials resign to take very lucrative jobs at firms and lobbying groups that benefit from their insider knowledge. 

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Read some of the Cantos by Ezra Pound here - [epic, weird]
Bejeweled Autumn Leaves - [wow art; Inst account]
How China Cloned Shanghai - [wow video]
Ancient Epic: Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta - [Sumerian High Fantasy]
Who was this Enmerkar? - [geek info, Tower of Babel-related]
The Original Wiki History - [on the original site!]
Instagram in an Instant - [cool infographic]
"Soviet Architecture" Magazine Collection - [scroll down, unique]
Soviet Vintage SciFi Movie Put to Space-Age Soundtrack - [cool video]
Booklets of Vintage Japanese Cars - [nostalgie]
Guided Tour Inside the E-4B NAOC Doomsday Plane - [wow video]
Ewok's Fantasy Log Cabin is a Reality - [wow video]
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