Sunday, October 23, 2022

Even Toxic Spicy Characters

Graffiti of note: “Build the churches and they will sin.”

13 moons 28 days …. turtle wisdom

Toxic workplaces can harm your physical and mental health

A Forgotten 1920s Magazine Gives a Glimpse of the Paris Jazz Age in the Flesh

This musician retired after making $170 million in the stock market. Now he’s sharing his secrets.

DON’T WORK TOO HARD:  Something Toxic Flourishes in Your Brain After Too Much Hard Work.

Weirdly modern looking Roman mosaic of women exercising with free weights. 1700 years old.

Pinup’s Colorful, Unseen Past

NYC’s TikTok Zoomers Want You to Meet Them in West Village

"I just heard of this like a month ago, that East Village is actually the East Village, and only locals get it.

When it comes to delineating right and wrong, to the sociopath, what is right is simply what is in their own best interest. If it serves them well, they believe their actions are completely justified.  This means that sociopaths feel zero remorse, no matter who is hurt or harmed in the process, and they move with little anxiety because they live without fear of disconnection.

Spicy Characters

Hip-Hop Don’t Stop

How to deal with endless choice without being overwhelmed by amount of new music / unsurprising revelation: crop circles cost farmers money. Who knew they were still a thing? / sober, still interiors by Susan Bennerstrom / Lines and Colors on the etchings of Eugène Bléry / We’re Flying to The Moon!, a Ukranian children’s book from 1971 / Model Villages of the Nottinghamshire Coalfield / the story of Anaheim’s Spadrom Estates, a 1950s housing development (at Invisible Theme Park) / A man of his time, the secret life and imaginary worlds of Gerald O’Brien / from the archives: the story of the rabbit proof fence. Related, ‘Australia’s rabbit invasion traced back to single importation of 24 animals in 1859, study finds‘.

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