Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Good Servants and Bad Masters

Brits in their 40s-60s are screwing it 

Some bosses are good. Others only seem good at first, and you can use this guide to differentiate between the two, says workplace culture expert Tom Gimbel.

Gimbel, the CEO of Chicago-based employment agency LaSalle Network, says the type of boss you have — or are — can have a huge impact on you or your employees' career success: Good bosses can help employees grow and be happy at work, while bad bosses can make the day-to-day experience a nightmare.

There are 7 types of bosses, says workplace culture expert—only 1 is worth working for, or trying to become

Good Servants and Bad Masters Lapham’s Quarterly 

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First known map of night sky found hidden in Medieval parchment Nature 

Shein: Fast-fashion workers paid 3p per garment for 18-hour days, undercover filming in China reveals iNews

The 2022 Mediaweek 100 will again no doubt create debate within the industry about people ranked too high, too low, people who shouldn’t be on it and others who missed out.

Data Wrapper – David Wendler: ” In the climate crisis, vulnerable countries bear the least responsibility – Climate change is happening and affects all of us. It is really scary and we’re already starting to see its consequences everywhere. But not every country is truly facing an equal risk from climate change.