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Atlassian’s Dominic Price talks future of work in a digital world ahead of The Tax Summit

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Political Courage & Andrew Mills: You might never have to file a tax return again

India rescues 45 Indians trapped in job scam in Myanmar; MEA assures 'pursuing the case'

At least 32 Indians had already been rescued from Myanmar, while a batch of another 13 people were rescued and reached Tamil Nadu on October 5.

The CBI raided these locations based on information shared by the US's Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, and Interpol

India busts 105 locations over cyber fraud with help from the FBI

UK corporate tax revenues, as a percentage of gdp

Hardship and heartbreak as Devon families lose homes to Airbnb lets Guardian

U.S. Tax Court's Diversity & Inclusion Series, Tax Trailblazers: Mentoring the Next Generation:

Abreu (2019)Please join the United States Tax Court as its Tax Trailblazers series continues for Hispanic Heritage Month and features Temple Professor Alice Abreu today at 7:00 - 8:15 PM EST (register here).

Alice G. Abreu is the Honorable Nelson A. Diaz Professor of Law at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, where she regularly teaches courses in Taxation, Corporate Taxation, International Taxation, and Low Income Taxpayer Policy/Practice; she is also the inaugural Director of Temple’s Center for Tax Law and Public Policy. Professor Abreu is a magna cum laude graduate of both Cornell University and its Law School, where she served as an editor of the Cornell Law Review. Before joining the Temple faculty in 1985, she clerked for Judge Edward N. Cahn (EDPA) and practiced tax law with Dechert, LLP, in Philadelphia.


Russian hackers take down web sites at 14 US airports, including LAX and Atlanta

FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million to prove dossier claims, senior FBI analyst testifiesCNN 

 Miranda Stewart (Melbourne), Tax and Government in the 21st Century (Miranda Stewart (Melbourne) ed., Cambridge University Press 2022):

Tax & GovernmentWith an accessible style and clear structure, Miranda Stewart explains how taxation finances government in the twenty-first century, exploring tax law in its historical, economic, and social context. Today, democratic tax states face an array of challenges, including the changing nature of work, the digitalisation and globalisation of the economy, and rebuilding after the fiscal crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stewart demonstrates the centrality of taxation for government budgets and explains key tax principles of equity, efficiency and administration. Presenting examples from a wide range of jurisdictions and international developments, Stewart shows how tax policy and law operate in our everyday lives, ranging from family and working life to taxing multinational enterprises in the global digital economy. Employing an interdisciplinary approach to the history and future of taxation law and policy, this is a valuable resource for legal scholars, practitioners and policy makers.

Bank of Finland says war is ‘bleeding’ the Russian economy.

The Russian economy will shrink by both four percent this year and next, the Bank of Finland said in its latest Russia forecast, published on Monday.

TPB Chair Mr Ian Klug AM said, ‘Our decisions reiterate the importance of the relationship between the TPB and the ATO in ensuring that tax practitioners maintain a strong level of integrity in their lodgement activities. Registered tax practitioners are in a privileged position of trust, and it is essential that they ensure their actions uphold the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems.
Dishonest tax agents banned to ensure superannuation integrity

DON SURBER:  Being fired is the best thing that happened to me.“We know what is going on. Democrats are pressing Google, Twitter and the rest to silence dissidents. My guess is this involves some sort of payoffs with taxpayer money. The pressure is on this election season as Democrats hold a vain hope that the midterms won’t flip Congress. But I am going to keep my blog for now because the ad money is nice. Eventually I will move on to Substack when I get enough subscribers. . . . I just was not made to work for somebody else.”

A Distracted Russia Is Losing Its Grip on Its Old Soviet Sphere.

Before President Vladimir V. Putin invaded Ukraine in February, Russia played an outsize role in the affairs of Central Asia and also the volatile Caucasus region, in what had passed for a far-flung Pax Russica. In January, it rushed troops to Kazakhstan to help the government there calm a wave of violent domestic unrest. In 2020, it sent around 2,000 armed “peacekeepers” to the Caucasus to enforce a Moscow-mediated truce between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Today, Armenia is fuming. Its prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, who has been a close ally, appealed to Moscow in vain last month for help to halt renewed attacks by Azerbaijan. Furious at Russia’s inaction, Armenia is now threatening to leave Moscow’s military alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

The Kazakh government that Mr. Putin helped prop up in January is veering far from the Kremlin’s script over Ukraine, and is looking to China for help in securing its own territory, parts of which are inhabited largely by ethnic Russians, and which Russian nationalists view as belonging to Russia.

As somebody joked on Twitter over the weekend, the only people who fear the Russian army now are its draftees.

Russia Detains Eight Suspects in Crimea Bridge Explosion WSJ

EXPOSED: Before Ukraine blew up Kerch Bridge, British spies plotted it The Grayzone. Interesting, although it seems the actual perpetrators used a different “plot.” (We see email where the UK hooks up the planners with a former Lithuanian Minister of Defense. One might wonder whether the PowerPoints for blowing up Nordstream 1 and 2 were shared round the Baltic in a similarly promiscuous fashion.)

Appraisal of The Recent Performance of Russian Intelligence in the Ukraine John Helmer, Dances with Bears. Well worth a read. And, readers, whatever you can read between the lines, please leave in comments.

‘Teilmobilisierung’ und Demokratie Gilbert Doctorow. Scroll down for the English version.