Sunday, October 16, 2022

Laughter is vital Aeon - Life is like playing a violin solo

 Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022: The big buzz wins top prize

ANALYSIS: ABSOLUTELY TRUE. You’re living in a clown world. New video by Remy of Reason TV

More than a piece of furniture: it is sometimes as if these old pianos have souls The Conversation

Fungi Find Their Way Into Cancer Tumors, But What They’re Doing There is a Mystery STAT

“I like country fairs, roller-coasters, merry-go-rounds, dog shows, museums, avenues of trees, old elms, vehicles, experiments in timing like our ex-Museum of Science and Invention’s two roller-bearings in in a gravity chute, synchronized with a ring-bearing revolving vertically.” 

The world is dense with things to inspire wonder and gratitude in those paying attention. Curiosity and openness to experience are inversely proportionate to dullness of sensibility. If you tell me you’re bored I will assume you’re not looking around, which is like refusing all the presents you’ve been given Christmas morning. Readers who pigeonhole Marianne Moore as a quaint old maid in a tricorn fail to appreciate her sense of irony, capacity for delight and gift for inspiring it in others. Her poems and much of her prose are catalogues of creation, gift bags of the things that give her pleasure.

Laughter is vital Aeon 

 A former newspaper colleague tells me the jazz pianist Paul Mastriani died in 2017 at age eighty-one. I haven’t seen Paul play in more than twenty years but the memories are vivid because he lived and played vividly. 

I’m the Salieri Type, Not the Mozart’

Librarians Under Attack: Have We Forgotten What Libraries Are For?

This is what the censors refuse to grasp: Librarians are not trying to force your children to read material you don’t want them to read. They are fulfilling their role as information professionals tasked with upholding the constitutional promise of access to information for all. - Washington Post

Brazen Heads” — Legends Of The Robots Of Medieval Europe

"Let's take a look at three of these stories — builders of brazen heads and the ruin that visited them — and see if those warnings did us any good."  The ill-fated Icarusses in question: Pope Sylvester II, Saint Albert, and Roger Bacon. - Tedium

Data Powers What Books Are Published. So Why Is It So Difficult To See The Data?

The single most influential data in the publishing industry—which, every day, determines book contracts and authors’ lives—is basically inaccessible to anyone beyond the industry. And I learned that this is a big problem. - Public Books

How to Make the Best of Life: A Visionary Victorian Recipe for Enduring Actualization

“Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.”

How American Editors Edit Out The Sex

To the eye of an American editor, sometimes the smallest hints of vulnerability, when they don’t service any big and explicit narrative, often end up looking like disposable details. - European Review of Books

Bryant Welters shares a foundation’s key priorities in partnering with arts organizations

Bryant Welters, Director of the Vincent Wilkinson Foundation, shares key priorities in partnering with arts organizations to transform lives.

Toradze Memorial Concert

The recent Alexander Toradze Memorial Concert, featuring more than a dozen pianists, is now accessible online here.  In addition to

Born to Pasta

I’ve been absent and errant, for many reasons, but global tumult has sifted through everything I am. The other day, I admitted to a...

Buyer’s Remorse in Higher Education—Some Questions for the Arts

In January 2014, President Obama caught flak from art historians when, speaking at a General Electric manufacturing plant in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he casually referred...

When a Poet Takes a Walk With Book and Camera

A I R F I E L D 'Now that my hand just reached into the book shelf and grabbed your book, it looks like you’ll be walking out on the airfield with me ...'

Let’s Consider The Way Average People Use Twitter

Most people don’t follow a bunch of political “elites” on Twitter — a group that, for these authors’ purposes, also includes news organizations. But those who do typically follow many more people they agree with politically than people who they don’t. - NiemanLab

The Role Of Body Percussion

Clapping, stomping and striking body parts from head to feet in rhythmic or repetitive ways is a timeless means of human interchange, whether for pleasure, protest, entertainment, ritual, healing or survival. -Dance Magazine