Saturday, October 29, 2022

Dealing With Memories and Tides While Writing Memoir

Against the Tide - Patricia Azarias

Dealing With Memories While Writing Memoir

Memoirist Mary Karr (The Liars Club, Cherry, Lit) says, "Memory is a pinball in a machine—it messily ricochets around between image, idea, fragments of scenes, stories you’ve heard. Then the machine goes tilt and snaps off." - LitHub

Known for her confessional poetry, which won her a Pulitzer prize, awarded posthumously in 1982, she also wrote exceptional fiction and memoir.

Where to start with: Sylvia Plath

The Secrets Of A Great Writers’ Room

According to Abbott Elementary's Brittani Nichols, writers getting to produce episodes means something important, and it keeps the writers' room bonded, on track, and earning real credit for their work. - Slate