Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Alluring Aroma Of Old Books


The Alluring Aroma Of Old Books

Sometimes opening one that I have innocently purchased for 3.99 plus postage can feel like I’ve inhaled enough mold spores to start growing a very large inner book colony. - 3 Quarks Daily

Best pals in 1920s rural Ireland fall out spectacularly in the acclaimed film The Banshees of Inisherin. A century on, surely the attitudes of the modern male have moved on?

Love is blind, goes the old saying, whereas friendship closes its eyes. The problem with closing our eyes, however, is that at some point we open them, and what happens when we take in the full and, perhaps, less than flattering picture of our dearest friends?
Friends are good for us … so why do many men have none at all?

Known for her confessional poetry, which won her a Pulitzer prize, awarded posthumously in 1982, she also wrote exceptional fiction and memoir.

Where to start with: Sylvia Plath

Winners of the 2022 Epson International Pano Awards Atlantic 

Why Vienna is so livable, the theory may help explain Ljubljana as well.

Vogue: VL50: Australia’s top 50 interior designers, architects, product designers and artists

Calculating The Moral Value Of The Distant Future

Unless you think—and some philosophers do think this—that the large-scale future consequences of our practices don’t matter at all, it’s hard to see how the technical tools used to predict and quantify those consequences could be a poor fit for a book of applied ethics. - City Journal

Fear Of Cancel CulturMakes Me Wonder…

The experience made me wonder: Why do we assume that cancel culture is a pervasive reality, and what’s the impact of that assumption? - The Atlantic

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

"The point isn’t that there’s something wrong with working from an office. It’s that there’s something right about working from home." Now, what does this mean for the arts? - The New York Times

Dungeons And Dragons, But Make It Mental Health

Because so many people are used to using tabletop role-playing games, some therapists have decided to adapt the tools of the games. - Wired

When The Stories We Tell About History Change… An Existential Crisis

Though the true past is fixed and unrevisable, stories about that past are not. Palaeontologists understand these stories as theories, but their audiences often experience them in the same ways they would experience fictional tales – as narratives that shift with mood and politics and time.  - Aeon

What Scientists Are Learning About Language From The Grammar Of Artificial Intelligence

The overwhelming majority of the output of these AI language models is grammatically correct. And yet, there are no grammar templates or rules hardwired into them – they rely on linguistic experience alone, messy as it may be. - The Conversation

MICROBIOME NEWS:  Newly Discovered Gut Microbe Could Be a Trigger For Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Author Alice Taylor Says Ireland Has Changed Massively, And For The Better

Even though she's famous for memoir and novels of country life, she says, "I do not miss the deference which was shown to people in authority. That, I feel, led to the creation of megalomaniacs." - Irish Times