Monday, October 17, 2022

Stand by Your Strong Man

Like Putin, Xi is a dictator who wants to be an emperor

The new 'tank man' indeed; incredibly brave because he would have known the consequences of his action. The world will not see him again. It can be taken for granted that millions, probably 100's of millions, share his view but lack the courage to speak out; at the moment.

It still amazes that a country that wants to dominate the world is so incredibly insecure. Incapable of accepting dissent. The lack of courage, the inability to tolerate or debate different opinions and maybe the lack of an intellectual capacity to do so is clearly a peculiarity of the CCP and like regimes. It is the clearest and unambiguous sign of weakness.

History has shown repeatedly such regimes do not succeed or last. The end of this one cannot come soon enough; for the sake of the Chinese population, and for the world.

Who is the strongman – Xi Jinping or this lone protester who dared to defy him?

Boston Dynamics and five other tech firms pledge not to weaponize their robots NPR. Just the way Google promised “Don’t be evil.”

How to check if your identity has been stolen

Finance companies are scanning the dark web for stolen Aussie identities amid what’s being dubbed the nation’s “worst year for data breaches”.

Lloyd Smith, a financial tech expert from ClearScore, warned hackers could use the dark web to sell the precious data.

• Use dark web-monitoring tools like ClearScore Protect to see if any of your passwords have been stolen, and how to take action if they have been.

 Are happier workers less productive?

A New Benefit for Hungry Troops Is at Risk of Failure Before It Even Starts

Stand by Your Man

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Los Angeles: Joint federal state effort arrests 56 from fraud gang that stole checks from the US mail; photoshopped and deposited them into accounts and removed the money before banks determined that they were not good; roughly $5 million made by scammers; 88 to be charged

New report by Global anti scam alliance

  • Number of scams around the world up 15.7% last year
  • Investment frauds, often crypto romance scams, growing rapidly

Facebook warns that a million people have had login information stolen by hundreds of bogus apps on Google Play and the App Store
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