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She’s made 1,750 Wikipedia bios for female scientists who haven’t gotten their due: How not to be

 She’s made 1,750 Wikipedia bios for female scientists who haven’t gotten their due Washington Post

The audio is originally from this BBC program. See also Peter Sellers doing various English accents. (via devour)

Forbes: “…The team behind the monitoring project — ByteDance’s Internal Audit and Risk Control department — is led by Beijing-based executive Song Ye, who reports to ByteDance cofounder and CEO Rubo Liang. The team primarily conducts investigations into potential misconduct by current and former ByteDance employees. 

But in at least two cases, the Internal Audit team also planned to collect TikTok data about the location of a U.S. citizen who had never had an employment relationship with the company, the materials show. It is unclear from the materials whether data about these Americans was actually collected; however, the plan was for a Beijing-based ByteDance team to obtain location data from U.S. users’ devices. TikTok spokesperson Maureen Shanahan said that TikTok collects approximate location information based on users’ IP addresses to “among other things, help show relevant content and ads to users, comply with applicable laws, and detect and prevent fraud and inauthentic behavior.” But the material reviewed by Forbes indicates that ByteDance’s Internal Audit team was planning to use this location information to surveil individual American citizens, not to target ads or any of these other purposes. Forbes is not disclosing the nature and purpose of the planned surveillance referenced in the materials in order to protect sources. 

TikTok and ByteDance did not answer questions about whether Internal Audit has specifically targeted any members of the U.S. government, activists, public figures or journalists. TikTok is reportedly close to signing a contract with the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which evaluates the national security risks posed by companies of foreign ownership, and has been investigating whether the company’s Chinese ownership could enable the Chinese government to access personal information about U.S. TikTok users…”

See also – Business Insider – “TikTok says it has never been used to target specific people after Forbes reported the app would be used to monitor some individuals’ locations.”

  1. Edmund Husserl by Christian Beyer.
  2. Herbert Feigl by Matthias Neuber.
  3. Social Choice Theory by Christian List.
  4. Critical Thinking by David Hitchcock.
  5. Virtue Ethics by Rosalind Hursthouse and Glen Pettigrove.

IEP      ∅                

NDPR      ∅      

1000-Word Philosophy       

  1. Saving the Many or the Few: The Moral Relevance of Numbers by Theron Pummer.
  2. Classical Syllogisms by Timothy Eshing.

Project Vox     ∅ 

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media   

  1. What We Owe the Future by William MacAskill is reviewed by Oliver Traldi at City Journal
  2. The Quest for Character: What the Story of Socrates and Alcibiades Teaches Us about Our Search for Good Leaders by Massimo Pigliucci is reviewed by Michael S. Roth at The Washington Post

Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: How not to be

  1. “The most important teacher of philosophy in America, if not the world, for a third of a century” — a documentary about Bob Gurland, a longtime, highly-regarded teacher of philosophy at NYU (link is to the film’s trailer)
  2. Travel as a philosophical activity — Emily Thomas (Durham) interviewed on travel, philosophy, women and other subjects
  3. “People don’t like being tricked, especially when the trickery results in giving another person affections they don’t deserve” — Jesse Hamilton (U. Penn) on “stolen valor”
  4. “I think a lot of wisdom in life (and in philosophy) is about being able to see why things are confusing—once you can see that the confusion itself is a lot easier to live with even if you still don’t have the answer” — an interview with philosopher and advice-columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith (Princeton)
  5. “Philosophers increasingly face difficult choices in balancing sustainability with other considerations in teaching and research, event organizing, department governance, and institutional service” — an upcoming APA webinar on sustainable practices in philosophy
  6. “There is a persistent conventional wisdom that… Adam Smith holds a labor theory of value” — but, despite there being a “kernel of truth” in this, it’s not quite right, explains Eric Schliesser (Amsterdam)
  7. “The clarity championed in analytic philosophy is indebted to the clarity indigenous to science; but that there is another sort of clarity: one found in poetry but occasionally also found in philosophy, to that philosophy’s benefit” — James C. McGuiggan on varieties of clarityTikTok Parent ByteDance Planned To Use TikTok To Monitor The Physical Location Of Specific American Citizens Forbes