Monday, October 31, 2022

Agent X reporting for duty

Eight new assumed identity authorisations were granted and 50 cancelled during the 2021-22 financial year, according to an annual report on how many secret identities were being used for undercover operations. 

War Games: What would conflict with China mean for Australia?

Spy chiefs may be reluctant to share sensitive information with Suella Braverman, warns Lord Blunkett Evening Standard

Tory war over Suella Braverman as ‘MI5 probe’ sparks new calls for investigation The Mirror

COLLUSION:  Democratic Staffer Fired After Covertly Working With Chinese Embassy.

UNEXPECTEDLY! German inflation unexpectedly accelerated this month.

German inflation unexpectedly accelerated this month, following a trend already seen in France and Italy that will increase pressure on the European Central Bank to raise interest rates even as a recession looms.

ncrease pressure on the European Central Bank to raise interest rates even as a recession looms.

TikTok Parent ByteDance Planned To Use TikTok To Monitor The Physical Location Of Specific American Citizens Forbes

Texas sues Google for allegedly capturing biometric data of millions without consentReuters

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette journalists go on strike but some refuse to join the picket line The Inquirer and Dozens of Post-Gazette workers cross picket line as newsroom strike enters Day 2 Trib Live

 Spain could be the latest to offer digital nomad visas: What you need to know about this growing trend World Economic Forum. Of course, a “nomad” is still tethered to their country of citizenship in many ways: Passport, banking, etc. Still waiting for “Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong” to emerge!


Inside Wealth-Conference Con Man Anthony Ritossa’s Wild Web of Lies Vanity Fair (Furzy Mouse). Fun stuff!


“I was never on a quest for sex itself, I was always on a quest for rock ’n’ roll.” It’s time to reconsider the groupie »


Officials: Hadley woman uses bees to attack deputies during eviction Western Mass Live. On behalf of someone else, interestingly.


New Study Explains Why Some People Attract Mosquitoes More Than Others NDTV

Why wasn’t the Steam Engine Invented Earlier? Part III Age of Invention

Adrian Kwiatkowski, a hacker from Ipswich in England who stole two unreleased songs by Ed Sheeran, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, according to the BBC. Kwiatkowski sold Sheeran's tracks, along with 12 other songs by American rapper Lil Uzi Vert, for cryptocurrency worth £131,000 (US$148,000) on the dark web. UK prosecutors said Kwiatkowski got his hands on the unreleased tracks by hacking into their cloud-based accounts. 

They didn't specify which cloud services those were, but he stole from a lot more artists, because authorities found 1,263 unreleased songs in his possession. 

Bernie is right: Extreme wealth concentration has turned America into an oligarchy. Jacobin 

This chart shows just how out-of-control rent has gotten: The typical person has to work 64.2 hours just to pay rent — up from 56 hours just two years ago Business Insider 

Amazon Driver Found Dead on Front Lawn After Being Attacked by Dogs Vice 

New Zealand Uber Drivers Win Landmark Case Declaring Them Employees Guardian