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Increased risk for all-cause dementia in people who abstain from alcohol.

Fifteen hundred hectares of wooded hills, dotted with atmospheric ruins and almost entirely untouched by the post-industrial world, at the border between Umbria and Tuscany. This is the prima materia with which, in 1994, Antonio Bolza and his son Benedikt embarked on one of central Italy’s most ambitious ongoing rehabilitation projects.

To the Reschio – an Italian country retreat that leaves others for dust

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FASTER, PLEASE:  Researchers are developing monoclonal antibodies to fight chronic pain.

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Reschio – as the estate (run since the early 2000s by Benedikt and his Florentine wife, Nencia Corsini) is known – is many things; all of them are impressive. There’s a collection of impeccably restored, privately owned homes – 26 at last count, 10 of which are available for rentals – with a handful of sites waiting to be claimed and brought back to life. There are Reschio’s land initiatives (Corsini oversees the organic produce gardens and is at work on a self-irrigating set of rice terraces; Bolza handles landscape design; and Reschio’s gamekeeper manages the wild boar and deer populations which, sustainably hunted, provision the estate’s larders). There are its outrageously beautiful scuderie, the stables complete with indoor and outdoor training rings, where Bolza pater schools his Andalucian dressage horses (and where homeowners can take equitation lessons).

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Increased risk for all-cause dementia in people who abstain from alcohol.

AT LEAST WHEN YOU SMOKE YOU CAN HANG OUT OUTSIDE WITH THE OTHER SMOKERS:  Being lonely and unhappy accelerates aging more than smoking, study finds.

BLAME THE BREAD, NOT THE BUTTER: Eating refined grains may bring on heart disease earlier, study says.

NEWS YOU CAN USE:  Weight Lifting in Old Age Does More Than Just Keep Your Muscles Strong.

PALEO AND KETO AREN’T THE SAME THING:  Our ancestors ate a Paleo diet. It had carbs.

WELL, GOOD:  Popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Eases Symptoms in Lung Disease.

FASTER, PLEASE:  Alzheimer’s progression slowed by drug in major trial. “Eisai and partner Biogen said their drug significantly slowed Alzheimer’s disease, making it the first medicine to blunt progression of the most common type of dementia in a definitive, large-scale trial. Lecanemab reduced the pace of cognitive decline in people with early Alzheimer’s by 27% over 18 months when compared with a placebo, meeting the main goal of the trial, the companies said in a statement. The benefits came with side effects, including brain swelling and bleeding, though severe cases were rare. The result marks a major milestone for researchers who have been trying in vain for decades to stop the inexorable decline tied to the disease.”

27% is nice, but hardly dramatic.

Is swimming in ice water good for you? Sorry to throw cold water on your wellness claims.

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