Monday, October 31, 2022

Wedding Dress: Orwell uncut

 Your guide to the dark web and how to safely access .onion websites

Orwell uncut: New Substack will serialize Orwell's writings | AP News

The Deal Is Done: Elon Musk Finally Owns Twitter

Several top executives, including the CEO, reportedly have been fired.

CHINA: Markets Are Finally Grasping That China Is A Marxist State.

In China, stocks slumped, and Hong Kong stocks collapsed the most following a CCP Congress since 1994: the US Nasdaq Golden Dragon market went up in a puff of smoke. “Stocks are disconnected to fundamentals,” as Bloomberg quotes somebody who did not see this coming on Friday. But which fundamentals?

CHANGE: Vietnam coming for China’s electronics supply chain.

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Dozens of ancient viruses are ‘switched on’ in healthy cells throughout our bodies Live Science

Have Smart People Stopped Writing Books? The Honest Broker. No. I highly recommend the “New Books Network” family of podcasts, where authors are interviewed about their books (for example, on Clausewitz). There is still a lot of good books being written out there, and despite academia’s deep dysfunction, real scholarship.

Organized crime-linked group of 100 brawl at Tokyo skyscraper restaurant Japan Times

Terrified judge in Waukesha massacre case calls recess after Darrell Brooks stares her down: “I need to take a break,” Judge Dorow said, “this man right now is having a staredown with me. It’s very disrespectful, he pounded his fist, frankly, it makes me scared and we’re taking a break.”

US companies rework bonus plans to protect executive pay FT


A Psychological Theory of the Culture WarRichard Hanania


What Did Mary Know? Philosophy Now