Sunday, October 23, 2022

Am Artist is Never Objective

WELL, IT’S MADE FROM BEANS AFTER ALL:  Coffee: Just As Healthy As Vegetables. “Coffee is as nutritionally valuable as practically any vegetable, something that should be given the same respect as kale, chard, lima beans, broccoli, or any of the other traditional powerhouse vegetables nutritionists (including me) are always attempting to shove down your throat. Coffee is probably the main supplier of polyphenols 43 in the American diet, and probably the rest of the world’s diets, too. Accordingly, it’s one of the healthiest things you can pour down your gullet.”

Corrupt endothelial cells found to protect blood cancer cells from chemotherapy.

Not alone

Rushkoff's strange desert meeting got him thinking about why some of the most privileged people in the world are expecting everything to come crashing down.

These billionaire preppers are planning for the apocalypse. Here's why


I also wish to thank my co-media dragon 🐉 bloggers for not having killed me — yet.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about how women were not allowed to write science fiction/fantasy before some date.

The date varies, but I’ve heard anything from the mid- nineties to 2010.

And then Scientific American blew the entire thing wide open. Well, almost. They were still slightly wrong. Or cowardly. Perhaps I’m braver, or perhaps just tired of it. At this point the charade grows tedious, and I see no point in continuing it.

I’m here to tell you, yes, it’s all true.

Frankenstein, was of course penned by Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary was just a pen name.

NEWS YOU CAN USE:  Wrong bra size can lead to back pain, stretch marks, bad posture: study.

Good writing exists between as-few-words-as-you-need and as-many-words-as-you-want, says Benjamin Dreyer. Where to draw the line?   Good Subjectivity  »

On the Loony Van Gogh Protests Matt Taibbi, TK News:

Van Gogh was penniless and lonely and mentally ill and spent his most productive years living in a space smaller than a jail cell, yet he converted his private pain into works of indescribable beauty that touched millions long after he died. The power of art usually has little connection to politics and everything to do with enhancing the individual’s ability to appreciate life and be sensitive to its possibilities. Any person moved by a painting or a book or poem should feel an enhanced connection to the world and a horror of destroying life of any kind. Art is the defense against reaction, not the accomplice of it, and destroying or demeaning art isn’t progressive, it’s just madness. If more oil executives saw and understood “The Sunflower” there would be less pollution, but even corporate greed is less frightening than zealotry. You can buy off an executive, but people who’ll not only wreck things for free but do so with excitement and a sense of pride make for a much harder problem to solve.

 New York Congressional Candidate Releases Porn Video Featuring Himself Jezebel

Music and the Body: Richard Powers on the Power of Song The Marginalian

Interview: Why Mastering Language Is So Difficult for AI Undark

FASTER, PLEASE:  Gel-like, radioactive tumor implant obliterates pancreatic cancer in mice.

To Herd is Human The Elephant

Farm floods will hit food supplies and drive up prices. Farmers need help to adapt as weather extremes worsen The Conversation. Perhaps Australia’s autochthones had some good ideas about how to manage the continent….