Monday, October 24, 2022

Craig Wright’s Granath v Wright full testimony: What Bitcoin really is and why I created it

The poet's first job of work is to put bread on the table.

— Yvor Winters, born in 1900

I row alone through these canyons
where dragons sleep in purling rivers.

Hummingbirds drain the last nectar
from a muddy branch’s blossoms.

It’s the end of autumn and an early snow
flies in as cranes fly off over Wu Shan.

How quickly sixty years pass!

Draining a tankard of wine, adrift,
I grow content with the world’s beauty,
no longer laboring at the oars.

Dr. Wright also details his work at Lasseters Online Casino and auditing firm BDO, law enforcement agencies, and how those experiences led him to begin research work on a distributed, timestamped, digital tokenization system in the form of digital cash. This work itself took a toll on his first marriage, since Wright left a well-paying job to embark on a resource-consuming pursuit with no guarantees of success.

He initially regarded the Bitcoin system as a product he could sell to a major corporation, and held negotiations with both BDO and Microsoft. Both turned him down. Attempts to claim R&D expenses eventually led to a multimillion-dollar dispute with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which served as the source of Dr. Wright’s “outing” as Satoshi in 2015 and several other accusations since.

Craig Wright’s Granath v Wright full testimony: What Bitcoin really is and why I created it

Was “Russian interference in election” narrative projection or red herring to distract from Chinese interference?

Toxic workplaces can harm your physical and mental health, Surgeon General says

He abused my country, my leader’: Chinese diplomat says pulling Hong Kong protester’s hair was his ‘duty’

Digital rights advocates are calling for real estate agencies to collect fewer data from renters, fearing large-scale breaches of sensitive information.

Many real estate companies ask for a vast amount of personal information from tenants in order for them to secure their rental property, like passport numbers, bank statements, previous addresses, and driver's license numbers.

Real estate sector data breach could be worse than Optus hack, digital rights advocates say

Stolen data could be used to withdraw funds, rent properties under false names, and access fraudulent medical treatment.

Just this week, the Australian Tax Office's second commissioner Jeremy Hirschhorn made a speech highlighting the need to take these issues more seriously.

The ATO would be a prime example of an authority that is worried about a cyber hack, given the extreme amount of personal information it collects about all Australians for tax purposes.

Medibank, Optus hacks and ATO attacks expose identity-theft risks, warn cyber security experts

Technology and culture must work together to improve customer experience

First They Got Long Covid. Then, It Made Them Homeless Rolling Stone and Long COVID took their health. Then it took their money. Boston Globe. Both from a thead by Taylor Lorenz, oddly.

Tech CEO calls overemployment trend a ‘new form of theft and deception’ after firing two engineers secretly working multiple full-time jobs at once Business Insider

Why the Soviet Union Imploded

The Soviet Union depended on energy sales and consumer production stagnated. Reforms promoted the rise of oligarchs and the 1990s free fall.

Elites realize they need blue-collar workers they derided New York Post

Digital License Plates Bruce Schneier

Ukraine War Day #232: Why Russia Needs To Take Odessa Awful Avalanche

EU Plays Hardball With Serbia Over Its Russia Ties

By Conor Gallagher Much like Ankara, Belgrade has tried to stay above the fray in the conflict between NATO and Russia. While Serbia doesn’t share the same geographic significance and isn’t a member of NATO like Turkey, it is one of Russia’s strongest allies in Europe, and is now receiving the same pressure to choose […]

Effective Activist – An Evidence-Based Guide to Progressive Social Change: “Introduction: Why Read the Effective Activist Guide? Why do we engage in activism? For most of us, something that we love has been stolen. Climate change is ravaging the natural world and our communities. Jails are filled with Black and Brown men2whose only crime was being born of a different skin color

Has the media told you about the MASSIVE protests happening all over Europe right now? Come watch them here.

"Putin — as everyone knew — was mistrustful. Especially about food and drink, the easiest way to poison someone, as the KGB well understood," the Guardian's Russia correspondent Luke Harding wrote in Shadow State. 

"How did Prigozhin gain Putin's confidence?" 

As he won contracts to cater lavish events for the Kremlin, Prigozhin, who always made a point of personally serving the Russian leader, earned the nickname of "Putin's chef". 

Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as Vladimir Putin's chef, revealed as Wagner Group mercenary boss