Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Current cybersecurity laws ‘absolutely useless’, Clare O’Neil says – as it happened

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‘Actions speak louder than words’: 150,000 passport numbers in Optus hack

The British government has dropped plans to cut income tax for top earners, part of a package of unfunded cuts that sparked turmoil on financial markets and sent the pound to record lows.

What if entire sectors of the economy were eliminated and the world was no worse off, and perhaps better?  Future of economy »

  • The federal government has called on Optus to tell Services Australia how many and which Medicare numbers were compromised in the company’s data breach, as 10,200 customers are informed by the telco their personal information has already been posted online.

  • The home affairs minister, Clare O’Neil, has flagged new cybersecurity legislation in response, stating the current laws were “absolutely useless” in the wake of the Optus breach.

  • The attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, has said the federal government’s proposed anti-corruption commission would not be an “exercise in political payback” and has defended the decision to keep most hearings of the commission in private.

Current cybersecurity laws ‘absolutely useless’, Clare O’Neil says – as it happened

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