Monday, October 10, 2022

Artist finds private medical record photos in popular AI training data set

We get authentic Greek medical advice form a doctor who is a guest:

“And while I am speaking, hold your breath a long time and see if the hiccup will stop; if it won’t, gargle water.  But if it still goes strong, pick up something to tickle your nose with, and sneeze; do this once or twice, and stop it will, even if it is very strong.”

Spying can be dangerous

Beyond Pigeon Hollow: Schoolteacher and soldier executed in NYC

Who Will Win The Nobel Prize For Literature This Year?

Or, at least, some authors who should. "You would think that in this, post-Squid Games, post-BTS world, the Academy would attempt to reclaim relevance by reading and engaging with works outside their comfort zone, by reading outside of Europe and North America." - LitHub

What is the 'cultural tax' and how can employers avoid 'the great resignation'?

Bob Dylan, the song and dance man - The Spectator World

The seven songs are, in Marcus’s order, “Blowin’ in the Wind” (1962), “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll” (1964), “Ain’t Talkin’” (2006), “The Times They Are A-Changin’” (1964), “Desolation Row” (1965), “Jim Jones” (1992), and “Murder Most Foul” (2020). Prefacing these seven is a concise two-page biography of Dylan and a companion piece entitled “In Other Lives.” “I can see myself in others,” Bob Dylan said in Rome in 2001, speaking to a crowd of journalists. If there is a key to his work from now back to its beginning, that may be it.

Julian Assange’s Judge and Her Husband’s Links to the British Military Establishment Exposed by Wikileaks Declassified UK 

 `Our world is in peril,' UN secretary general warns general assembly
 The UN Wants to Curb Anti-Satellite Missile Tests
 Vulnerability of insulin pumps
Healio via Judith Hemenway
 Optus' breach exposes 9.8M customers' data
 Tesla Megapack battery fire spurs shelter-in-place warning in California
The Verge
 Multiple driverless Cruise cars block traffic in San Francisco
 Automakers are ignoring the simple solution to the rise of traffic deaths
The Verge
 Egypt's submarine cable stranglehold
Sebastian Moss
 'Protestware' is on the rise, with programmers self-sabotaging their own code. Should we be worried?
 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney to Pay $35 Million for Extensive Failures to Safeguard Personal Information of Millions of Customers
 NY Suffolk Co. "911" system crippled by cyberattack, other gov't functions also
 American Airlines says hackers obtained some customer/employee data
 LastPass says hackers had internal access for four dayso
Bleeping Computer
 15-Year-Old Python Bug Allows Code Execution in 350k Projects
Ionut Ilascu
 Artist finds private medical record photos in popular AI training data set
 Uber blames contractor for hack
Lauren Weinstein
 Luxury cars seized from 23-year-old 'Crypto King' as investors try to recoup millions
 33% of U.S. TikTok users say they regularly get their news on the app, up from 22% in 2020
 TikTok's search engine repeatedly delivers misinformation to its majority-young user base, report says
 A common phishing attack sources from Gmail
Lauren Weinstein
 Wegmans Discontinues Self-Checkout App, Citing Losses
 Health apps share your concerns with advertisers. HIPAA can't stop it.
 NTSB wants all new vehicles to check drivers for alcohol use
 How vigilante *predator catchers* are infiltrating the criminal justice system
 Senators introduce a bill to protect open-source software
 Open-Source Software That Lasts a Thousand Years?
Liam Tung
 The ITU's Secretary-General Election Could Shape the Internet's Future
 Info on RISKS (comp.risks)