Monday, September 26, 2016

Marseille: Three Sydneyrella Wild Walkers at Darling Harbour

"Man is born crying. When he has cried enough, he dies." Last night was a marathon for viewing as Kevin Roberts hooked us on Marseille – corrupt, political, dangerous and a gloriously over the top Gerard Depardieu. Malczhkeon made me to watch all 8 episodes till 3 am ... To boot,   Kevin links to even more Crime shows to binge over - Binging Noir

As another recycled teenager William Faulkner observed - A matador is a guy who didn't have enough people soft skills to be promoted to serial killer... Poets are almost always wrong about facts. That's because they are not really interested in facts: only in truth.
For All Their Wars Are Merry: An Examination of Irish Rebel Songs...

Free Trojka Wild Walkers in Spring ... Sydneyrella's Spring ...

Sharks and other fishead matters of  Vaclav Havel concern were discussed by TF and BC

"We all know that funny feeling of filthiness, of ickiness. It's a feeling we call the prick of conscience when we make a compromise that we have doubts about. So we think about it again and again, and... we even worry about it somewhat, even though the compromise may have made life easier, compared to what would have happened had we not made it. But for myself...I see that my bravery comes out of cowardice, because I am afraid of feeling that ickiness of feeling that I've done something wrong, that I've made an undesirable compromise, that I've side-stepped; and conversely when I do something that I know is right, I can even have a feeling of euphoria."

 "We are born naked, wet, and hungry. 
Then things get worse"

From Bicycles To Washing Machines: Sweden To Give Tax Breaks For Repairs ... Slashdot

Boys’ clubs create the space for inappropriate relationships that can facilitate corruption and other integrity breaches, recent IBAC inquiries show. When women did speak up, they were punished Boys’ clubs: how blokey workplace cultures facilitate corruption
UK Telegraph – High-fat cheese: the secret to a healthy life? As usual, readers be aware that we are frequently told that various foods and beverages once thought to be bad for our health are now, according to new research, good for our health. The caveat is always to be found within the facts of the totality of how we live – including regular exercise, a balanced diet whether or not you are a vegetarian or meat eater, adequate sleep, and good work (in the broadest sense – jobs, hobbies, community activities, and advocacy efforts). So, that being said – “A group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen found that eating cheese could help to improve health by increasing our levels of “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol – thought to offer protection against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases….
"The graveyards are full of indispensable men."