Monday, September 19, 2016

Luke Folley and John Hatton: The System Works, But Room for Improvement

Leaders are those people that have specific qualities within them. These people are one the special ones. These special people are called Leaders because they possess abilities to lead a community and the people. Leaders are so influential that every person in the community salutes them. In Czech part of the world we had Vaclav Havel  and in the Antipodean part of the globe we have John Hatton AO  ... One often wonders ... How many leaders are we currently blessed with who walk the talk? John Hatton AO, The Preacher and Practicer, Says: The System Works, But Room for Improvement

Corruption is worst form of criminality, Pope tells Vatican police

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley has offered bipartisan support for legislation to strip taxpayer-funded benefits for MPs found guilty of misconduct while in office, such as corrupt former minister Eddie Obeid. Obeid was convicted in late June of wilful misconduct in public office but may still continue to receive up to $120,000 a year in taxpayer-funded entitlements.
Luke Foley calls for Mike Baird to work together to cut Eddie Obeids Parliamentary Pension
NSW Luke Foley wants pensions stripped from any MPs convicted of serious offences while in office
Secret Lives ...
Crooked Ways mateship and unions

Interview with John Hatton and Luke Folley  around 5:20 with Fiona Wyllie  on 97.3 abcIllwarra

Former NSW Labor powerbroker John Della Bosca says the two major political parties are locked in a funding arms race and has called for drastic reform of political donations. "I think the political arms race has been going on, not just in NSW but around the country," he told 7.30
One of the key vehicles for Huang Xiangmo's flourishing relationship with the ALP is the "Chinese Friends of Labor" group, which is run by Ernest Wong.
It has been around for decades, but since Mr Wong's involvement, it has become a particularly good money spinner.

"It operates like a typical Chinese-style banquet event — that is the main source that the donations come in," Erin Chew said.
"Obviously there are other ways that I am not aware of, but I am aware of these fundraising dinners and they do fundraise quite a lot of money."
And the more you pay, the closer you get to power.
Erin Chew describes it as cash for access.
Political funding arms-race demands donation reform Della Bosca

Democracy loving Chinese Communities in Australia resent China's rising influence

CEOs Can Now Be Prosecuted Like War Criminals at the Hague Telesur