Friday, September 09, 2016


Any survivor has more to say than all the historians combined about what happened. 
-Elie Wiesel 

Revision Mirror - Seven Years ago  on 9 - 9 - 2009 in NSW Parliament Mr Gay made the following observation ... Truth is stranger than fiction ... C Truth is stranger than fiction especially when it comes to the royal lives of the Crown Employees 

David Clune
    Academic David Clune
David Clune was for many years the Manager of the NSW Parliament’s Research Service and also the NSW Parliament’s Historian. He has written extensively about NSW politics and history. He is the author with Gareth Griffith of Decision and Deliberation: the Parliament of NSW, 1856-2003, and the editor with Ken Turner of The Premiers of NSW, 1856-2005 and The Governors of NSW, 1788-2010. He was a member of the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in NSW Committee and the Governor Macquarie Bicentenary Committee and is a member of the Editorial Committee of Australasian Parliamentary Review. Dr Clune was awarded the Centenary of Federation Medal in 2001 and the Order of Australia Medal in 2001.

Board Member
Greig  retired as NSW Parliamentary Librarian in July 2009, after 35 years providing information and research services to Members of the NSW Parliament. He has a strong interest in theatre and the performing arts and since 2005 has been a member of the editorial board.


The Hon. DUNCAN GAY (Deputy Leader of the Opposition) [9.27 p.m.]: Mr President, I know you will join with me tonight in expressing mixed feelings in farewelling two of the most valuable, experienced, dedicated and well-respected members of staff that this Parliament has ever had. I would like to take a few minutes to reflect on the contribution of Greig Tillotson and Dr David Clune in the New South Wales Parliamentary Library. There is no debating the fact that the departure of both gentlemen will constitute a huge loss to the Parliament. It will certainly mark the end of an era for our Parliamentary Library and the loss of two of our greatest characters from this place.

These two outstanding officers started work with the Parliament on the same day in December 1974. What an asset they have been to this Parliament. They are friends to us all, and I will start by recognising the work of my dear friend Dr David Clune. I have had the pleasure of knowing David and his wife, Ros, for almost 40 years, long before I entered Parliament, after meeting them through mutual friends at a place called Rugby in southern New South Wales. I have known Greig even longer, but I will get to that later.

What an exceptional 35 years it has been here for David, who has contributed so much. I am sure I speak on behalf of all my Liberal and Nationals colleagues when I say David is one of the most well-respected parliamentary librarians we have seen, and indeed may ever see, at the New South Wales Parliament. In the 20 years or so that I have been a member, each and every encounter I have had with David has been both pleasurable and exciting, whether it was to get help with research, to seek his advice or just to have a yarn and share an anecdote—some that I could share but many that I could never repeat. I would love to read that book! I was always confident that after speaking to David I would find what I was looking for. Indeed, on some occasions I found even more than I wanted!

David's extensive and fruitful career at the New South Wales Parliamentary Library began working in reference services for members. David was the Parliament's first media librarian and should be acknowledged for implementing the media monitoring service that each of us finds so useful today. As a senior librarian during his second decade at the Parliamentary Library, David headed the library's Information Resource Unit. In 1994 David became Manager, Resource Services, and held that position until the end of June this year. David should be congratulated on his dedication and sheer passion for the history of this Parliament. His work has shaped times gone by in this place and his contribution to publications on the history of Parliament, such as Decision and Deliberation, will be acknowledged for years to come. I take this opportunity to wish David and Ros every success in their next venture.

It is also with mixed blessings that I stand here on the same day to farewell another great man, Greig Tillotson. I was lucky enough to know Greig before my days in Parliament. We both attended Newington College in Stanmore. In those days Greig was a quiet achiever, studious, polite and generous—he has not changed one bit. As I mentioned earlier, Greig started here in 1974 alongside his partner in crime and great mate David Clune. After beginning his career in the Reference Section of the Parliamentary Library, Greig worked his way up to Manager, Reference and Information Services in 1994. During that period Greig established the important relationship between Reference Services and the Research Service. Greig was appointed Parliamentary Librarian in 2006. In fact, both mates were seeking that position. It took some time for the appointment to occur, and to David Clune's credit he said, "Why don't they get on with it and appoint my friend Greig to the position?" The Parliament will miss David and Greig. They have been great, proper public servants to this Parliament.