Friday, September 09, 2016

Act Locally Think Globally: Ray Plibersek

Exclusive: Here comes biggest UK electoral map shake-up in a century Politico

Soccer or Ocean like 11 (Eleven) local government electorates are afraid voter apathy and high drama confusion will lead to a low turnout at today's - Saturday’s - election despite compulsory voting... Local government issues

Epilogue: Backlash for Baird in council votes in western Sydney and regional NSW 2016

Ray Plibersek, Labor candidate for Sutherland council.
 Ray Plibersek, Labor candidate for Sutherland council.  Photo: St George Leader

Residents of 11 councils in the greater (Siberian) Sydney region are set to vote on 
Saturday for local government representatives, but the majority of the city's councils 
will not go to the polls for another year    Ray Plibersek bids for Sutherland shire as 11 Sydney councils go to the polls 

Slovenian Australian Pilbersek Family

Ray (left) and Tanya Plibersek on the campaign trail.
Ray (left) and Tanya Plibersek on the campaign trail. Photo: Supplied

Time of my life Joseph Plibersek: Rose and Joseph Plibersek (Rosalija Repič and Pepi Jože Pliberšek) bought their block of land at 3 Carvers road, Oyster Bay in 1957. For ₤750. They built their house slowly, living in it as soon as it had a roof and walls. It wasn’t painted, inside or out. The only furniture was an old metal table and chairs ...

 Pilbersek Memoirs

Coda - NSW council elections: Population: 2350. Candidates: 111 There have been severed pigs’ heads, a death and the strangest of bedfellows, but one of the more bizarre local government elections is almost over with voters set to head to the polls on Saturday. Balranald Shire Council in southwestern NSW has a population of just under 2350 people but there are an incredible 111  candidates going beserk for the shire’s eight council seats...
The Baird government amalgamation process means the remaining 71 councils have been excluded this time around, with the vast majority in metropolitan areas.
Almost two million residents in Western Sydney, as well as rural and coastal areas will vote in 81 local elections.

While half the state may be oblivious to the approaching elections, the rest have endured aggressive campaigning with streets lined with leaflet-toting volunteers and tit-for-tat public politicking.

Voters will be forced to sift through a staggering 1600 independent candidates, with most not aligned to a major party or the Greens.

The Liberals have endorsed 107 candidates, Labor is putting up 92, and 67 are standing for Country Labor.

"People are very very angry about the gerrymander. They think it's very unfair and that it's halving the vote of residents." Lucky Clover is just amazing ... Clover Moore poised for record fourth term as Sydney lord mayor