Thursday, September 08, 2016

Fighting Crime with Epathy

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit

The Time for Procrastination Is Over ... Do no evil

 A truly captivating and inspiring talk Fighting crime with empathy | Corey Allen | TEDxSouthBank 

Fighting Fraud: One in five UK companies have fallen prey to a significant fraud  in the last two years thanks to the ever-growing digitalisation of businesses and the increasing proliferation of cyber crime. This report highlights the key areas fraudsters look to exploit, and presents tailored insight and guidance for business leaders on fraud policies and how to mitigate threats. It shines a spotlight on bribery and corruption in the aftermath of the Rio Olympics, and explores why "blockchain technology" has the potential to eliminate fraud

If 2015 taught us anything, it’s that even with security upgrades like EMV chip cards and tokenization, the form and frequency of fraud attempts will continue to evolve ...Fighting fraud with eyes wide open


Fighting Crime together

“The Department of Defense is the world leader in funding high-risk, high-pay-off technology,” Mr Harrison adds. “But too many high-tech businesses and start-ups are turning their backs on us. We are no longer inventing the future. Others are. That's something we have to change.”
 US defence: Losing its edge in technology? Maybe gated for you, but a truly excellent and important FT piece on Silicon Valley and the DOD

From yesterday’s NYT– note in particular the use of the waffly quotation marks enclosing ‘not winning’ in the headline, Law Enforcement ‘Not Winning’ War on White Collar Crime:
The record of combating economic crime is so woeful that governments need a new approach. That was the view of many at a gathering of about 1,600 delegates from academia and the legal and compliance profession here on Monday.
Law Enforcement Losing War on White Collar Crime 

Deutsche Bank and a $10Bn Money Laundering Nightmare: More Context Than You Can Shake a Stick at

Are We Really Going to Sell Out the US Alliance for Property Prices? Australia’s China Choices