Sunday, September 11, 2016

Theatre of the Absurd ...

Chinese incrementally expand and slowly digest each piece (Tibet, Inner Mongolia, South China Sea) ...
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon.
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tszu.

John R. Coleman, RIP: “In his abbreviated career as a blue-collar worker, he concluded that academia was not quite as artificial as he had thought and manual labor not nearly as satisfying.”
You get what you measure: millions of fake accounts at Wells Fargo

Certain stories that get virtually no traction nevertheless involve phenomena that are quite important in understanding the way the world operates.  One instance is the network of secrecy jurisdictions (“tax havens”), which play a huge role in the global economy by providing back channels used by a substantial fraction of the world’s wealth.  For those interested in the details, one good place to start is Nicholas Shaxson’s 2010 book Treasure Islands.... Czech out this story as the Bahamas decides to compete aggressively to become the most infamous tax haven around The Bahamas giant fist pumping screw you to the civilized world

(Past is a foreign country ... Meanwhile, the surf wars are growing more violent as surfers take a leaf out of Bondi Icebergs ...   Being pulled along the top of the water by a drone is akin to wakeboarding without a boat No Waves? No Problem, If You’re Dronesurfing ...)

Bao Wan’s Instagram feed details the sort of glamorous life that exists only in the imagination of most ordinary people: travelling by private jet, front-row seats at the fashion shows across Europe, homes in London, Hong Kong, Paris and Beijing.   
And, according to sources, a sparkling $10.5 million penthouse in Sydney is also on the list – for now. Those born with a silver spoon are best known by the derisory moniker fuerdai, or “rich second-generation”, a blanket term for young, often western-educated rich kids who frequently flaunt their wealth on social media, posing purposefully alongside fast cars and luxury yachts China's Red Princess: Reds Under Your Bed or in it ....

SIGNS AND PORTENTS: A Russian River Mysteriously Turned Blood Red. And no one’s saying why

Motto: Exaltavit humiles Motto Translation: He hath exalted the humble. The motto was originally a war cry or slogan keep your friends but enemies even closer The House of Hoult