Friday, September 23, 2016

SHAAARKS - Happy Hour

From 1876 until 2007, everyone used the telephone for talking. No longer. The cost of that change is dear: the human voice Sounds of Human Instruments - Chests And Other Vibrators 

Deep Dorigo Voices at the Happy Function room discussed the Economist's Schumpeter column this week as it took on our recurring fad:

Lord Percy of Newcastle, Britain’s minister of education in 1924-29, was no fan of the fad for happy-clappy “progressive” education that spread among the country’s schools on his watch. He declared that it was all nonsense: “a child ought to be brought up to expect unhappiness.” This columnist feels the same suspicion of the fashion for happy-clappy progressive management theory that is rushing through the world’s companies and even some governments.  ... The Economist's Schumpeter tackles the happiness fad  

Speaking of Oral History, happy hours are good times to shed lights or clarify allegations that  MEdia Dragon yesterday swayed James Pittar to challenge the Commish in the corridors of lifts - this is allegedly widely exaggerated. 🏊

As they say in the old Bohemia, the test of good leader is whether staff can joke about him ...

Happy Taxation Paper of Note

What Makes A Liar Lie? 

In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot ...~  John Hatton paraphrasing Czeslaw Milosz  Biography of John Hatton AO - The Little Bloke That Could ...

Economist Gordon Tullock did some work on decay of revolutions. Essentially that the cost-benefit dynamics mean only committed people get involved early, but opportunists join in as the tide turns. One of his better-known papers is Paradox of Revolution, Journal of Public Choice Fall 1971. Paradox Rebellion

People don’t mind inequality due to “brute luck”…but is one man’s brute luck another man’s rigged corrupt system? Popular acceptance of inequality due to brute luck 🍀

Taking Trump Seriously, Not Literally

Ted Cruz on Why He Decided to Support Trump God told him ...

“The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) today released agency-level results from the 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). The 2016 FEVS was administered to 407,789 employees representing 80 (38 large / 42 small) Federal agencies. These results provided through contain scores for two major indices — Employee Engagement and Global Job Satisfaction across the Federal government. OPM plans to release the more detailed 2016 FEVS results in digital and print formats in early October

“If things slow down and I had time, I really want to go to law school.” Despite the fact that she hasn’t even gone to college, Kim Kardashian West wants to follow in her late father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. Which law school do you think would be willing to accept the queen of reality TV? Would she be able to bring Kanye? [Daily Caller]

For more happiness The Economist. True fact: Zappos has a chief happiness officer

Against everything. In a time of abundance, we impose artificial scarcity. Why? Mark Greif unpacks our elaborate restrictions on food, exercise, freedom of information... Lebanese Love ... 

Loving abundant shire madmen such as Bob Lorraway (sic) and Geoff Meyer ( more sic) etc are going nuts and over the moon ... ;-)
Epidemics of insanity are not anything new. Euripides took note of the phenomenon, even if, in his day, the technologies of communication did not make it easy for insanities to spread very quickly or very far. 
Shire Not Sooo Shy: Cronulla Sharks into NRL Grand Final

Some Shire  Characters remind me of laboratory of that Little Germany circa 1930s ...

Having read Joseph Wakim’s opinion piece (“The Koranic verses are non-negotiable”, 10/12) I was excited to see someone, apparently within the Muslim community, pinpointing the “problem with Islam” that was alluded to by Tony Abbott in an earlier edition. Wakim states the Koran is believed to be the actual words of God and there is thus no wriggle room for interpretation. In saying this, I believe he has identified the topic that needs examination — man’s interpretation of the words.

Unhappy and inconvenient truth about the tax evasion culture in the franchising landscapes  ...
Scandal-plagued convenience store chain 7-Eleven and its franchisees are under investigation from the Victorian and NSW state governments over their alleged failure to pay state payroll tax. It's another blow for the company that was at the centre of a major wage fraud scandal last year after an investigation by Fairfax Media revealed 7-Eleven workers were being paid as little as $5 per hour  NSW And Victoris investigate 7eleven over payroll tax

American Robert D. Flach has been blogging about certain taxing hours for 15 Years , A BELATED HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO Robert – congratulations! Robert is the elder of  MEdia Dragons ...

Epidemics of political insanity are unique: Islamists are distinct from Maoists. But they're united by an iconography and an attraction to dogmatism and violence... Exchanging One Brutalism for Another ...


Most social policy is based on the assumption that people’s motives are primarily selfish. But what if we're more virtuous than we think?... Assumptions