Sunday, August 09, 2015

Off to See Wicked Witches and Munchkins: Yellow Brick Road Leads to green acres beyond Bexley

 "There is no place like home" and it tespecially applies to J and T F's place as it is filled with three cheeky cats and a friendliest canine face ...

In an era of super heroes, action movies and video games, there’s still room for the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow. Fans of Dorothy and the famous trio gathered at the Bexley RSL to celebrate characters created by L. Frank Baum. 

"The Wizard of Oz,” came across as “a little magic, a lot of fun, a bit of nostalgia...” And it certainly was all of that and more.

Technicolourd of Wicked Witch gets 75th anniversary musical tribute at Bexley

Tyla as Wicked Witch of the West showed us that one does not need to be a grown up to be a good actress. Her unflinching portrayal of the evil forces showed the composure beyond her years.

The chemistry between Dorothy and Tinman (tall siblings, sister and brother - boy he was over 6 foot 3) was brilliant. We sat in the front row next to the grandmother of the Cowardly Lion and she sure had a reason to be proud of his performance. Scarecrow was delightful and all the boys and girls brought something extremely magical to the production.

All of the actors managed to maintain convincing American accents throughout the performance while still being able to bring their own personal charm to their characters.
The witches, both the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good managed to keep the audience on their toes with their feats of magic. Let's not forget the Wizard of course, whose booming voice matched the Wicked Witch's screams, scared even some of the adults in the audience.
With brilliant technicolours of bright greenacre Gand redacre colours and fascinating props, the actors were given plenty of space to show Bexley audience what they were made of and showed them they did. Every cast member from main cast to chorus gave their all, and not only sang their hearts out but danced their shoes off too especially the tiny little 3 years young ones ;-)

The standard of talent shown at this year's performance speaks for itself in the outcome of the performance. The production crew involved really put the kids through their paces and put them to work and it showed with seamless set changes to spot on choreography.
The entire production seemed to be teeming with talent, whether that be the parents who tripled as taxi drivers, time keepers and costume designers – who really outdid themselves on the stunning costumes. But of course any production wouldn't be complete without dedicated actors, and this production clearly had them in spades. Now the dedicated parents like T and J may return to the true meaning of the  phrase "There's no place like home" and give the uber driving duties a miss for few weeks ... 
[Nota Bene - the marketing brochure for the Oz suggested that "kids under 3 is (sic) free" ]

Exclusive to MEdia Dragon and Gulf News   ~ Oscar-winner will play creator of beloved fantasy land of wicked witches, munchkins and ruby slippers Eddie Redmayne to play ‘Wizard of Oz’ author

Who knew? "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" was a political allegory for early 20th century Australian and American politics.... Powerful Story even circa IX - VIII - MMXV

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Death of dance and musical critics
Last but not least - just leave it to a They Might Be Giants mega-fan to make the Pink Floyd/The Wizard Of Oz mashup Dark Side Of The Rainbow feel absolutely passé. They Might Be Giants Of Oz, a video posted by the appropriately mysterious YouTube channel TMBG OZ, envisionsThe Wizard Of Oz with a career-spanning soundtrack of TMBG songs. The results, unsurprisingly, tend to be as clever and subtle as the band’s music: using the labor-skewering “Minimum Wage” for Miss Gulch’s first appearance in the movie; “Dr. Worm” to announce Professor Marvel; “Birdhouse In Your Soul” as Dorothy arrives in Oz; and “I Should Be Allowed To Think” to represent the Scarecrow. And, of course, Flood’s “Twisting” marks the appearance of the mighty, life-uprooting tornado. The Wizard Of Oz was already a whimsical movie, but having They Might Be Giants in the background makes it an unqualified delight. In fact, it’s worth carving out a couple of hours to enjoy the whole film.