Sunday, August 23, 2015

Arras of Terrorism

 While 11 April 1917 saw the launch of the first action at Bullecourt, on 9 April the larger Arras Offensive commenced.  The Arras Offensive of 1917 is often referred to as the Battle of Arras and is a significant battle honour more identified with the British Army.  This offensive does however also incorporate the smaller ‘battles’ and 'actions' of the Scarpe, of Vimy Ridge which the Canadians commemorate, and Bullecourt which Australians  identify with ... 90th anniversary of thenbattle of Arras


Americans who thwarted train attack praised for 'exceptional courage'

CNN-10 hours ago
El Khazzani was transferred from Arras, the northern French town where the train stopped after the attempted attack, to the anti-terrorist police ...
Train suspect had been flagged as potential risk
In-Depth-Washington Post-12 hours ago
Gunman opens fire in 'terrorist attack' on Amsterdam-Paris train
International-Expatica France-Aug 21, 2015