Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Capitalists, Arise

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News from the Profession. New Study Validates Old Accountant Joke (Caleb Newquist, Going Concern).

Capitalists, Arise: We Need To Deal With Income Inequality
  • I’m scared. The billionaire hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones is scared [video below]. My friend Ken Langone, a founder of the Home Depot, is scared [video below]. So are many other chief executives. Not of Al Qaeda, or the vicious Islamic State or some other evolving radical group from the Middle East, Africa or Asia. We are afraid where income inequality will lead.
    For the top 20 percent of Americans, life is pretty good...
    WSJ: A federal court in New York delivered a setback to the Food and Drug Administration, ruling the agency can’t bar a drug company from marketing a pill for off-label use as long as the claims are truthful.
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The Outrageous Ascent of CEO Pay Bill Moyers

The parliamentary cleaners earn $21.10 an hour and are seeking a $1.80 an hour pay raise. “To add insult to injury, we start hearing all the reports of politicians’ entitlements, we hear about ‘Bronny-gate’ and the general excesses around the use of their entitlements,” Ms Ryantold the ABC.

Robert D. Flach, THE TAX PRACTITIONERS BILL OF RIGHTS. “The National Society of Accountants (the ‘other’ NSA) has developed a ‘Tax Practitioners Bill of Rights’ in response to continued IRS budget cuts and the recent serious decline in IRS ‘customer service’.”

Charlie Hebdo survived a massacre. Now it faces a dangerous new challenge: sudden wealth. Long poor, the publication is flush ...

1945 70 years ago ... Plunging headlong and full-throatedly into celebration ...Revellers hitch a ride up Park Street.
Plunging headlong and full-throatedly into celebration ...Revellers hitch a ride up Park Street

Buchan in regional Victoria is celebrating today after acrowdfunding campaign to see the town’s pub rebuilt raised more than $600,000, with so many last-minute donations it crashed the website involved. The Buchan Caves Hotel burnt down in April last year, leaving the small town and its population of 400 people without a pub Buchan awesome record crowdfunding target reached to rebuild Aussie country pub

Michael Knight paid little mind to the dark-haired man walking in his direction, past the luxurious cars and large gates on Mulgoa Street, in Melbourne's upmarket beach suburb, Brighton. 
At least not until the man stepped close, twitched his jacket to suggest he was carrying a gun and issued an unforgettable threat to the senior Westpac banker: "I know you have three children – you will do what I say."
The threat was aimed at coercing him to use his personal bank account to facilitate illegal payments for a multimillion-dollar international criminal conspiracy, Mr Knight says Ex Westpac banker says threats by Malaysians prompted property fraud

The proud groom called it "AUSTRALIAS BEST WEDDING" on social media, but Lidcombe residents were less impressed. Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer​ married in a lavish ceremony on Saturday which included four helicopters, a fleet of stretch limousines, luxury cars including a Ferrari and and several Lamborghinis, a squad of motorbikes and a posse of police Four wedding helicopters as lavish deputymayor marriage upsets locals

Lord of Lidcombe: Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer