Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life lessons from villains, crooks and gangsters

Beyond the morally reprehensible side of criminals' work, some business gurus say organised crime syndicates, computer hackers, pirates and others operating outside the law could teach legitimate corporations a thing or two about how to hustle and respond to rapid change. Life lessons from villains, crooks and gangsters

Humans aren’t normal animals—we are unnaturally destructive super-predatorsQuartz. Resilc: “Especially those inside the Beltway.”

Slovakia announced yesterday that it will only accept Christian villains and refugees 

What would Michael Polanyi say? (bicycle video and Boettke bait, all in one link)

In France before the Revolution, for example, there were plenty of wealthy middle-class people who were shut out of the political system by the aristocracy and the royal court, and thephilosophes went out of their way to appeal to them and get their support—an easy job, since the philosophes and thenouveaux-riches shared similar backgrounds. That paid off handsomely once the crisis came ...
The last refuge of incompetent
bird v. mantis links

The other side of the coin of Irish Dutch sandwiches of corporate corruption   needs to be energised. Experts wanted for hazardous mission. Small wages, fierce resistance, many years in the wilderness, constant pressure 

From its earliest days the Tax Justice Network has been formulating an alternative to the governing consensus on tax. Along the way the writings of its members and allies have raised profound questions about the relationship between the state and the most powerful actors in the economy, about the prerogatives of finance, and about the size and significance of the offshore sector.  The greatest invention tax and the campaign for a just society

Complement The Rabbit Box, which is long out of print but well worth the hunt, with The Magic Box, the part of the set dedicated to autumn and celebrating the invigorating beauty of the cycle of life and death.