Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Virtual Government

He never got married.
He was always telling stories.
He loved green pastures

Cyber attacks are on the rise as criminals become more resourceful and we become more generous with our information Virtual war on cyber security

Islamic State has hacked the personal information of Australian Defence Force employees and their relatives, a Victorian MP, and several public servants, and urged home-grown terrorists to attack them, in a chilling online breach Islamic state posts Australian hit list after hacking addresses mobile numbers etc ...
The most common issues were people being unable to access their accounts or being locked out. We were told that people had three attempts at their username and password before being locked out for 12 hours. They would then have another two attempts before they were locked out of that account forever. Strangely the system seems to be set up in anticipation of these issues because we are all free to create, lock ourselves out and create a new account as many times as necessary.
An Imperfect system

The ATO could be hiring itself out to state governments to collect taxes and charges under an idea being considered in the Tax Office's "functional and efficiency review". Tax Office eyes state tax takeover as part of functional review 

Virtual Crowdfunding a parent asks MPs for holiday travel cash

It might take 15 years, but Sydneysiders could one day enjoy 65 hectares of new, uninterrupted parkland just 20 minutes drive from the CBD. The proposal would see the 18-hole Eastlake golf course converted into a major new public park, as part of the City of Botany Bay's Vision 2040 Directions Paper; the penultimate step in the 25-year vision for Botany Bay. Virtual Park of Developers Paradise Proposed convertion of Eastlake Golf-course
China Virtually issues veiled threat to NSW MPs over attendance at organ trade forum

The advent of artisanal cash

Former Greens leader Christine Milne has criticised the Abbott government for “recalcitrance” over its climate change policy. Environment Minister Greg Hunt will today release Australia’s post-2020 carbon pollution reduction target, with The Australian reporting a 26 per cent cut is being considered.