Thursday, August 20, 2015

What’s Wrong? Look, no hands!

“We live in a world requiring light and Darkness … partnership and solitude … sameness and difference…”

The Myo armband measures electrical activity in your muscles, as well as the motion of your forearm, to wirelessly control computers, phones, and other digital technologies touch-free with hand gestures. 
Look, no hands! Will Canada’s Myo armband replace the mouse?

Intel Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc. have unveiled 3D XPoint technology, a non-volatile memory that has the potential to revolutionise any device, application or service that benefits from fast access to large sets of data. Now in production, 3D XPoint technology is a major breakthrough in memory process technology and the first new memory category since the introduction of NAND flash in 1989. New memory technology is 1,000 times faster

‘Eventually, our universe will be completely dark’ DW

When censorship becomes a weapon against injustice, when so many are so quick to take offense and so desperate to avoid discomfort, what's the fate of free speech? 

Irrational Man is a current movie about a despondent philosophy professor who moves to a small-town college, his relationships with a student and a fellow professor, and his commission of what the film’s press materials describe as (daredevil-pilot Mira Slovak) "an existential act” which allows him to “find the will to live.” It is one of the few depictions in recent mainstream films of a philosophy professor as a main character. Irrational Will To Survive Iron Curtain Crossing - Regrets ...

___Traiskirchen Escaping the iron curtain ...__________________________________________

The harrowing tale of former Rapid CitianPeter Vodenka and his 1983escape/defection from Communist-dominated Czechoslovakia, along with his wife Lilly and their two children, was our focus on November 10, 2007. Now living in Lakeville, MN, 
Vodenka is co-author of a book on senior SS officer/violinist Reinhard Heydrich, Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia and lifelong anti-Communist.  
On April 9, 2011,  we again discussed the Cold War and where we are now since the Soviet Union has disbanded.  Piedmont's Peter Vodenka talked about his book Journey for Freedom on his boyhood under strict Communist rule and his harrowing defection on foot from "Iron Curtain" Czechoslovakia with his wife and two small children.  Vodenka warns, of course, that Americans should never take their freedoms for granted.  Listen to SDPB's Dakota Midday interview. Then Read excerpt . . . 

What’s Wrong? is the “not quite official” blog of the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Center for Values and Social Policy. The blog is edited by Colorado’s David Boonin, and its purpose is to provide “a forum for discussing and reporting on topics in applied normative philosophy, broadly understood to include applied ethics as well as practical subjects in social, political, and legal philosophy.  It aims to publish original pieces and to bring attention to works posted elsewhere and is committed to representing a wide variety of subjects and points of view.” You can follow the blog on Facebook. Among other things, it will feature some of the arguments presented at this past weekend’s Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress.

The Library of Congress has honored Jürgen Habermas and Charles Taylor as joint recipients of the John W. Kluge Prize for humanities. Czech (sic) LoC website, the prize is now worth $US1.5M ...