Saturday, August 08, 2015

Uber versus Complex Arrangements

Uber versus Australia – in one interactive map Sydney Morning Herald

Uber takes legal action over Australia tax ruling  

Leaked documents obtained by the website Gawker overnight confirm that the app-enabled ridesharing service, recently valued at $US50 billion ($68 billion), is rapidly growing in terms of sales, but losing tens of millions of dollars Uber losing millions of dollars and loving it

Tax evasion is hurting the country's growth'  
Chinese textile production is returning to the United States
Jia, Jia panda links

The manufactured trucker shortage Cathy O’Neil

Nevada’s New Voucher Plan Is Designed to Bankrupt Public Schools Alternet

Senate LogoThe Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations held a hearing today on Impact of the U.S. Tax Code on the Market for Corporate Control and Jobs:
The hearing explored the impact of the U.S. corporate tax code on foreign acquisitions of U.S. businesses and the ability of U.S. businesses to expand by acquisition. In connection with the hearing, the majority staff released a133-page report, which examines the tax motivations behind acquisitions and mergers by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Burger King, and InBev.

Bloomberg, Senate Body Shifts Focus After Years Probing Apple, Goldman, UBS, by Jesse Drucker & Richard Rubin:
A U.S. Senate investigative subcommittee, which has used its power for more than a decade to scrutinize corporations and financial institutions for wrongdoing, is shifting its focus to keeping tabs on the government.

The U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigationsis slated to hold its first hearing under new leadership on Thursday with a dive into the U.S. corporate tax code. That topic is in line with the priorities laid out by the committee’s new chairman, Ohio Republican Rob Portman, who says he views its role as “primarily oversight of the federal government, agencies and departments.”

Light shines on Thomson Reuters de-risking service The Baron

At the time Joe Kristan thought that the IRS was wrong to raise the issue and that Senators were right to call the Service to account about it. And this is the part of the document dump that I found most interesting.  Paul Caron summarizedJoe’s post  and that was apparently printed out numerous times at the IRS as there are multiple copies in the document dump.