Friday, August 28, 2015

HR Public Sector and Digital Disruptions

The plot thickens: 
1 Heydon I will decide Tues 
2 No, I wont 
3 AFP raids (Journo's error ;-)
4 $11,000 a day
5 Stoljar knew 
6 I will decide Friday or Monday or ...
Tony Abbott can't even organise a decent witch hunt #turc #auspol

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten recently observed "everything the royal commission says may as well have a Liberal Party logo stamped on it".
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An "ERROR" ? How do you write a whole story with witnesses to an event that didn't happen in ERROR? #auspol #turc
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1:44 AM - 27 Aug 2015
Decision Made in 5 Minutes. ... Dyson Heydon has decided to stay on as head of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption Dyson Heydon rules he will stay on as trade union royal commissioner

Labor is preparing a new parliamentary vote in the Senate against trade union royal commissioner Dyson Heydon in the wake of his decision to remain in the post, claiming the commission's findings will have a "Liberal Party logo" stamp on them unless he is replaced Parliamentary Representative question The Royal Commissions

The Australian Public Service Commission says the future leaders of the Commonwealth bureaucracy can be found on social media, and departments need to be clicking away in their search for emerging talent If you want a top Australian public service get clicking on twitter and facebook...

Human Resource management in the public sector must change to remain relevant and contribute more. It is tempting to talk of compelling challenges demanding a new human resources focus that will lead to an epoch of innovative people management.
I have worked for 40 years in workplace relations giving me a window into human resources. My sense is both human resources and workplace relations are adaptive.
Proficient practitioners change their practices and strategies to achieve outcomes set by broader business trends and challenges John Lloyd case HR public sector

Commissioner warns public servants to get busy or get out

PS needs to do-l more to retain older workers age discrimination boss says

Kathryn Campbell: DHS service delivery reform a success, all things considered

Centrelink CEO Grant Tidswell on Mygov as  an "outstanding success" 
 Digital world

Fit for purpose? Parliamentary Services to get full review

Parliament House bursting at the seams