Thursday, August 27, 2015

The World of Shooting: Billus, Social Media ...

Last night dramatic footage of biblical proportion has been captured on CCTV cameras in China showing the moment a sink hole opens up and swallows four people The World Is Getting Risque

Even in his own angry manifesto, the motives of Vester Flanagan, the man accused of murdering a TV crew on air, were confused. He was aggrieved at being sacked, he was the victim of racist and sexual harassment at work and he was responding to the calls for a race war by Dylann Roof, the Charleston church killer.
Virginia TV reporter killer Vester Flanagan planned a social media murder

Up to 40 people inside a busy Indian restaurant in Sydney's west were "extremely lucky" not to be injured when a gunman fired a shot through the front window, police say. The gunman, dressed in a blue tracksuit, was seen running from Billu's Indian Eatery on Wigram Street in Harris Park after the shooting, which occurred just before 9pm on Tuesday.
Shots Fired at Billus Restaurant : Billu is best known for his wide ranging catering of Sydney and Media Dragon Weddings 
“Oh sh*t, you’re kidding me.” That was the response magician Neil Henry got when he proposed on stage using alphabet soup during his show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Czech out the way the magician propose front audience

A video of a street fight which took place between an Irish tourist and a group of shopkeepers in Istanbul has become a viral sensation in Turkey. The footage shows one man seemingly take on an entire neighbourhood of men who attack him with chairs, sticks and other blunt objects.
Korean charged with body in bin murder in Epping

A Sydney bar has sparked outrage with a particularly salacious table setting. Cruise Bar in Circular Quay hired nude women to lie on tables with nothing but fruit covering their bare bodies during an event last night. Some at the bar were even hand fed by the scantily clad women, via the Daily Terror